Check Out Our Range Of Girls School Shoes!

The greatest girls’ school shoes are waiting for you at Everflex! We’ve got a whole host of classic styles, sportswear, and fashionable designs for students of all ages, so your daughter will get spoiled for choice! If you don’t believe that Everflex has the best collection of affordable girls’ school shoes around, then we’re sure you’ll get convinced by the time you’ve finished reading. So, find a comfy spot to sit, and let’s have a chat about styles. We’ve got everything students could need, and more! 


Our girls’ school shoes go straight to women’s sizes!


You won’t have to search for a new shop when your daughter outgrows our kids’ section. Fast-growing students can swap straight into our women’s range without delay! Our girls’ school shoes go up to a preteen size 6, which is the same as the beginning of our smallest women’s pairs (also a size 6), so moving from child’s sizes to grown-up ones is no hassle. This size selection doesn’t apply to classroom-ready girls’ school shoes alone, either! The same holds for sneakers, Mary-Jane sandals, and other alternative designs. No matter what’s on your daughter’s shopping list, Everflex will have a pair in her size. 


She’ll love wearing our timeless girls’ school shoes!


Everflex’s styles are time-tested favourites that will look fantastic with any uniform. The rounded toes, supportive grooved soles, sleek and shiny material, and smooth look are typical traits of girls’ school shoes. Plus, when you shop for your daughter at Everflex, you’ve got the choice to go for leather or synthetic pairs. Our faux leather girls’ school shoes are vegan-friendly, so if your daughter is vegan, she’ll be happy with these! Leather styles are a great pick too, thanks to their airy and soft-feeling material. 


What does she think of our Mary-Jane sandals? 


Is your daughter getting bored with conventional girls’ school shoes? One of our favourite alternative styles is our Mary-Jane sandals, with their fashionable geometric cut-outs and airy feel. Even the strictest uniform dress codes won’t refuse these lovely girls’ school shoes. Like our ordinary uniform-worthy designs, we have versions of these made with synthetic material or with leather, so your daughter has her pick of the lot! Similarly, smaller Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes come with touch-fastening straps, while more mature styles have buckle fastenings. 


Slip-resistant styles are perfect for teenagers!


If your daughter takes on a casual or part-time job while she’s still a student, then these girls’ school shoes are the best option! Our slip-resistant styles come with heaps of unique safety features but look practically identical to classic uniform designs. Get your teenager a non-slip pair, and she’ll be able to use them as both girls’ school shoes and footwear for work. So, what are the benefits of slip-resistant designs? These lookalike styles come with non-marking outsoles, non-slip soles with water and oil resistance, impact cushioning at the heels, and padded innersoles for all-day comfort. Does your daughter regularly take on afternoon or night shifts during the week? She’ll be able to spend all day in these amped-up girls’ school shoes and spend the evening at work without getting sore or tired feet! 


Does your daughter love sports?


Everflex’s excellent trainers are the ultimate active girls’ school shoes! The grooved soles and shock-absorbing features on our sneakers ensure hours of steady wear and comfort during the most physically-demanding activities. During the week, your daughter can wear these girls’ school shoes to PE classes and her afternoon sports practices with ease. So, will you be adding trainers to your 2020 shopping list?



Who’s ready to have a better browse?


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