Boys School Shoes That Will Survive The Soccer Ball!

Your kids can head onto the sports field confidently with our boys’ school shoes.

The fantastic array of styles at Everflex are ideal for active kids who never miss a chance to get outside and play! Our sneakers and trainers are the perfect boys’ school shoes for any kid with PE classes or extra-curricular sports. So, why wouldn’t you jump online and have a look at your options this season? 

Why should you get your new pair from Everflex?

For one thing, our boys’ school shoes are a brilliant pick for kids who love sports like football and soccer. The sturdy bottom tread provides excellent support and grip on different surfaces. Slippery sports courts and grassy fields are no match for our boys’ school shoes. Kids don’t need to worry when they play (in rain or shine) with a pair of our sneakers on their feet. Also, the built-in support and ankle padding will help reduce muscle fatigue and aches caused by impact too. 

Boys’ school shoes get made to last! 

Finally, the material of our boys’ school shoes is tough enough to endure through rough treatment, so kids can let loose and push themselves. Our sneakers and trainers tend to be synthetic, so cleaning them after a messy or muddy game won’t take long at all. Powerful kicks on soccer balls or footballs won’t wear down the toes on these boys’ school shoes, so you can rest easy and watch your kids go all-out gladly. 

Can you spot the difference? 

Sneakers, trainers, and sporty boys’ school shoes for younger kids come with touch-fastening bands. Little students struggle to tie laces by themselves, and they can find it embarrassing to ask a teacher or peer for help. And, if their boys’ school shoes come undone, there’s a high chance that they’ll trip and get hurt during recess, lunch, or other playtimes. In contrast, Everflex styles with touch-fastening straps eliminate the risk of stumbles and falls. For a start, bands on boys’ school shoes shouldn’t come undone accidentally, and they’re also simple for kids to put back in place if they do. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that they’re a go-to choice for our youngest customers.

Older students get boys’ school shoes with laced uppers. Touch-fastening straps go out of fashion once kids start learning to tie up their laces, so it’s best to make the switch as early as possible. Sneakers and other boys’ school shoes benefit from laces. Unlike touch-fastening bands, which can loosen or tighten a single spot, you can customise the entire length of the trainer to your liking. Additionally, laces create a classic look for boys’ school shoes like these, and they’ll never look out of place on the sports courts or fields. 

Our sneakers and trainer will pass the dress codes too! 

Does your child have to follow stringent uniform rules? More and more, we’re seeing colourful sneakers and trainers fall out of favour with teachers. All-black and all-white boys’ school shoes are the new favourites, and that makes them a safe option for your kids this season. Block-colour styles should stop kids from getting in trouble for their footwear, and they should also match their uniform well too. So, if your kids need new boys’ school shoes to wear while they’re getting active, choose our black or white trainers! 

Be sure on any floor with Everflex styles! 

Help your children play to win this season with a set of our boys’ school shoes. We know you’ll love the look of them, the price, and the fast delivery from our online store. Head to our website and find your boys’ school shoes today!