Boys' School Shoes That Will Outlast the Playground!

Undeniably, your young son will have boundless energy and find ways to use it. One of the most common ways they will do it is to play as much as possible in the playground—running after peers, climbing monkey bars, and jumping all over. While this is fun, they can get hurt if they are not wearing the correct school footwear. 

Their academic footwear is not only a uniform requirement but is also a companion that keeps your child safe during gameplay. Boys' school shoes should have features to protect the child from trips and falls. Aside from keeping them steady, the footwear should also ensure their feet remain comfortable, even when your son is doing high-impact activities. 

Since their feet continually develop until puberty, the school footwear must ensure the impact will not affect the fusing of bones or the strengthening of muscles. Where can you find a boys' shoe to do all these and outlast the playground?

At Everflex, of course!

Our team at Everflex will explain how the brand can ensure your boy remains safe while being active in the playground. If you're ready, let's do it!


Everflex uses excellent materials.

Everflex uses durable materials in its collection of kid's school shoes. The footwear's materials play a massive role in supporting your son on the playground. Rain or shine, your son will play outdoors and expose himself to various natural elements, including weather, uneven surfaces, soft ground, stones, and sharp objects.

The Everflex footwear uses leather or vegan-friendly material, which is excellent for keeping your child safe. Leather material is perfect because it provides breathability and insulation. When it's sunny outdoors, your child's feet will remain fresh and sweat-free because breathable leather shoes allow air to circulate and keep moisture out!

Meanwhile, leather's insulating capability allows your child to continue playing outdoors even when it is cold because it will hold the heat inside longer. Leather school shoes will ensure nothing hinders your child from having the best time on the playground.

On the one hand, vegan-friendly material does not break down quickly. Vegan-friendly footwear can withstand high-impact activities and wear and tear and offers bonuses like cruelty-free and environment-friendly.


Everflex has adjustable fasteners.

Accidents in the playground happen because children trip on their footwear. Without fastenings, boys' school shoes can come off and cause them to fall. Thankfully, Everflex knows the importance of fastenings in securing footwear to stay firmly on your child while he participates in vigourous playground activities. 

Apart from security, fastenings also provide adjustability for academic footwear. Your child can control how tight they want their footwear to be while they run around. Similarly, your child can loosen the fit of their shoes after playing to be more comfortable.

Everflex uses two kinds for its collection: touch-fastening straps and laces. Let's discuss each to help you decide which fastening for academic footwear is ideal for your child.


  • Touch-fastening Straps

Younger students will appreciate the ease of using touch-fastening straps. Footwear that uses this fastening has two pairs of nylon strips that must be pressed together. Your son can run off with their friends in the playground within seconds of strapping them. School footwear will stay secure unless your child opens and adjusts the fit. 

However, opening the straps will require more force because the adhesion is strong. Prying them apart will create a distinctive noise, one of the disadvantages of using these boys' school shoes. 

The noise can be distracting and annoying. Moreover, touch-fastening straps depend on the boys' school shoes, so you must replace the footwear once they reach the end of life. 

The adhesion of touch-fastening straps wears out after the maximum number of times your child opens and closes the nylon strips. Additionally, the adhesion of the straps is firm, which has pros and cons. 

On one side, it ensures that boys' school shoes don't come off quickly. However, it easily latches on various materials and destroys them. It catches dirt and lint, which diminishes its adhesion properties.


  • Laces

Older guys are proud to wear laced footwear because it's a subtle announcement that they know how to tie laces independently. Not everyone can, so knowing how to do it is a proud moment. 

One massive difference between laces and touch-fastening straps is that laces are independent of men's school shoes, meaning you can replace and clean the laces separately. Moreover, laces have more styles and a more customisable fit than straps. Laces are cords or strips you weave through eyelets to secure the footwear. 

How you put them through will determine style and fit. To save you a trip in the future, why not get extra Everflex laces now for the boys' school shoes? One disadvantage of using laces is that they can come undone accidentally. It can cause your child to trip if it happens during gameplay.


Everflex uses gripped soles.

Expect your son to encounter soft ground and uneven surfaces while playing on the playground. The gripped sole of the Everflex boys' school shoes will keep them steady and provide stable support. 

Traction on various surfaces improves grip, which reduces falling and slipping and lowers the chance of injury. Gripped soles withstand the rigours of playground play and natural elements, making the boys' school shoes more durable and supportive.


Everflex has stylish kids' school shoes.

A stylish pair of high school shoes is essential if your child wants to join games on the playground. Sadly, if their peers disapprove of the footwear, they may exclude your child from the games, affecting his self-confidence. Thankfully, your child won't have problems being left out because Everflex boys' school shoes are top-tier in style. 

Your son can choose with a size guide like EU cm from pull-on boots, double straps, laced for regular activities, and sneakers for sports and PE classes. We have designed the entire collection to be timeless and classic, ensuring that your son remains confident and comfortable. 


Give your son the best playground experience!

Let your son enjoy the playground with Everflex boys' school shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or online shop to grab one now! By doing so, you can browse our website and, don't forget, sign up for an account with many benefits that are exclusively yours, like receiving updates for sale promotions.

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