Boys School Shoes That Will Look Good And Withstand Lunchtime Play!

Do you need to find boys’ school shoes that can survive regular rough-and-tumble? 

Shop the collection at Everflex today! You can be sure that our exceptional boys’ school shoes are up to the task! After all, we know how hard kids can be on their footwear. From classroom classics to sporty styles, our boys’ school shoes bring superior comfort, endurance, and support. Now, have a look at five of our fantastic options below!

1. You can’t beat these timeless boys’ school shoes!

No collection would be complete without a pair of these! Everflex’s traditional designs are the perfect pick for any student’s wardrobe. The polished material, smooth round toes, and flexible feel make them a treat to wear during the term. However, our boys’ school shoes have another excellent benefit, and that’s the supportive base! Our styles feature built-in support that will keep your child’s feet cosy during the day. Also, the grooved tread is a massive bonus. While these boys’ school shoes aren’t as sporty as a pair of sneakers, the steady tread makes them perfect for play during recess and lunch!

2. Since we’re on the subject of sneakers:

Help your kids stay fit next semester! At Everflex, our active boys’ school shoes aren’t ones that you want to miss. They’re a no-brainer for kids with weekly PE classes, extracurricular activities, or weekend sports games. The hard-wearing tread on our boys’ school shoes is ideal for fast-paced movement on any terrain, whether it’s outdoors on a grassy field or indoors on a slippery court. The grip won’t just help your kids perform in games; these boys’ school shoes will also safeguard their feet from impact and strain. As such, they’re also an essential pair for the playground! 

3. Chill out with trainers!

While we don’t recommend wearing these in a real game, trainers are a treat for everyday wear! These flexible boys’ school shoes are an excellent selection if your kids aren’t subject to super strict dress codes. If a sleek black finish is the only requirement for your boys’ school shoes, then take advantage of that and fit them with trainers. The sporty feel is no illusion— Everflex trainers have spectacular grip and will love racing around during recess and lunch. If your child is always on the move, then our trainers are the boys’ school shoes to keep pace! 

4. Who could say no to sandals? 

Does your child complain about too-hot feet during spring and summer? Help them out with some sandal-style boys’ school shoes. Since these are for younger students, sandals from Everflex come with a series of touch-fastening tabs to keep them secure. Despite the open-toed design, boys’ school shoes in this look are still perfectly protective. The bottom grip will keep your little student safe from prickles, rocks, bark-chips, and other nasty nuisances found outside. Your kids can make the most out of their break times when our sandals are on their feet!

5. Don’t discount boots! 

Do you want your kids to enjoy extra coverage from the elements? Our boots might be the best boys’ school shoes for your child’s collection. Slipping into the style is uncomplicated thanks to the stretchy elastic panels and pull-on design. We love these boys’ school shoes for autumn and winter, as most kids will be out on soggy grounds. Forget about worrying over wet socks and muddy pant legs. You can trust our boots to survive and thrive in any season! 

Come and find your best boys’ school shoes today

Everflex has something for every student! You’ll find can find these five options (and so much more) when you search online.