Boys’ School Shoes Perfect for the Footy Field!

As a parent, you’re always thrilled to see your child running around and kicking balls in the backyard. It indicates that they’re active and have a bright future as a footy player on the field. You want to encourage and support them in every way possible, ensuring they remain safe.


But what if they’re playing during break times? Since it’s not practical to keep changing into footy footwear, their boys’ school shoes must be able to support them during play. How can we ensure their footwear is up to the task? What essential features make boys’ school shoes suitable for active playtime?


We’ve called the Everflex team to shed some light on the matter. With years of experience provideng academic shoes, the brand knows how to ensure your child is safe from injuries while having fun. Once we’ve identified the key characteristics, we’ll look closer at the various Everflex boys’ school shoes that meet these requirements. This way, you’ll better understand which option is perfect for your active boy. Let’s get started!


Shoe Features for an Active Footy Player


Picture this: your child will run on various surfaces while kicking a ball. That fun scenario should not end in an injury or accident, so your child must wear the correct boys’ school shoes to avoid that. These features will ensure the footwear can support your child.


1. Traction 


Traction is essential in boys’ school shoes because it helps children maintain a better grip on the ground. Because your child is doing several things simultaneously—kicking, running, and changing directions—their footwear must keep them steady on grass surfaces, which can be slippery, muddy, or uneven. More importantly, adequate traction in academic shoes can reduce the risk of slips, falls, and ankle twists, which are common foot injuries.


Check for grooves or treads in the soles to ensure traction in the footwear. These are different shapes that create friction between the footwear and the floor. These features grip on the surface so your child can play without losing balance or control.


2. Adjustability


Fastenings ensure that boys’ school shoes have a customisable fit because various children have different preferences and needs. Their footwear must be snug when your child is playing to ensure comfort, support, and stability during play. After the game, they would require a looser fit to give their feet breathability and more space to rest. More importantly, adjustable closures allow your child to fine-tune the fit of their shoes to reduce the risk of blisters, chafing, and other discomforts during the game.


Usual footwear fastenings are touch-fastening straps, laces, and buckles. These things require different skills, so choose the footwear that your child can close and open independently.


3. Spacious Toe box


Footy involves movement that can put pressure on your child’s toes. A spacious toe box is necessary in academic footwear to ensure that the toes can splay naturally to reduce pinching, rubbing, and discomfort while your child is running, kicking, and jumping. More importantly, a roomy toe box allows the toes to spread out, providing a broad support base to improve balance. 


Choose academic shoes with a rounded or squared shape. These options ensure your child’s toes are not squeezed together or hurt.


4. Durable


Since footy is a high-intensity sport, it can put a lot of stress on the shoes. The footwear must withstand this wear and tear, ensuring they can hold up through your child’s break time games. More importantly, durable materials can support and protect against impact when kicking balls and running with other friends and teammates.


The materials of the school shoes ensure their longevity and durability against intense activities. Choose between leather or vegan materials, which offer durability and other benefits like breathability and insulation. The significant difference between these two academic shoes is the use of animals in production. Vegan-friendly materials are cruelty-free and leave a minimal carbon footprint.


The Everflex Collection


Everflex boys’ school shoes can endure intense movement, inclement weather, and natural elements. This footwear lets your child enjoy playing footy safely and comfortably. Here are the different kinds of boys’ school shoes and their features. 


Style 1—Pull-on Boots


The cold seasons should not hinder your child from playing, so get them the perfect pull-on boots for the job. These boys’ school shoes use durable leather to ensure they are warm and covered during the cold seasons. If it can withstand harsh weather, it can also keep up with your child’s footy games. Moreover, these shoes come with round toes, a spacious toe box and gripped soles for traction. The only thing it lacks in terms of necessary features is a fastening. However, it has elastic side gussets that function similarly, expanding to accommodate any foot shape and reverting to a snug fit.


Style 2—Double Straps


The double-strapped option checks all the features necessary, such as traction via gripped soles, adjustability through two touch-fastening straps, a round-toe shape providing a roomy toe box, and leather material for durability. The beauty of getting these boys’ school shoes for your child is the ease of wear. Since the option only requires pressing two nylon strips, young students won’t have problems closing the shoe. The best part is that it only takes a few seconds to wear and adjust these shoes. 


Style 3—Lace-up


The lace-up boys’ school shoes also check for all the necessary features to ensure your child can play footy safely during break times. This option has a round-toe shape enabling your child to spread their toes, lace fastening for the most customisable fit, leather material for durability and breathability to keep their feet fresh during a sweat-inducing game, and grooved soles for stability and traction. Moreover, getting the laces dirty during the game won’t be an issue because they are separate from the footwear. Remove them for cleaning or replacement.


Enjoy the Game with Everflex Kids School Shoes!


Ensure your child can play footy well with Everflex boys’ school shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or online store now! And get extra laces, too! 


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