Boys' School Shoes from Everflex are Comfortable and Durable!

Are you tired of constantly buying school shoes because they keep breaking down? Shopping for your child's academic footwear is difficult, so doing it often can be frustrating. Stop the unnecessary stress by shopping for comfortable and durable shoes at Everflex. 

The brand knows what your child needs and has a collection of styles that meets all the required features. Does your son prefer fastenings or without? How skilled is he when it comes to closing straps or tying laces?

As parents, you need to consider many things for shoes, so our team at Everflex is stepping in to make things easier. If you're looking for footwear that meets your child's needs in comfort and durability, allow us to provide you with what you need to check.

Say goodbye to flimsy footwear and the repetitive shopping experience that eats at your budget, and welcome the comfortable and durable Everflex boys' school shoes! Let's start!


What makes kids' school shoes comfortable?

Your son's ability to focus on his classes and academic requirements depends on comfortable footwear. One slight pain or discomfort can break his concentration and ruin his mood. So let's look at some of the features of a comfortable pair required for the classroom.


1. They are the right size.

Sizing impacts the comfort they can give because the wrong ones can cause immediate pain and harm. For instance, footwear too big will force your child to claw his toes so that he can get a good grip and avoid slipping.

Some parents are, unfortunately, getting shoes that they believe their child can grow into, which is terrible. As a result, your child can get into an accident, or his feet get injuries and deformities.

Avoid these by getting your child's correct measurements. For example, if you buy shoes in-store, the brand will likely have trained staff to take your son's size. But if you're buying online, remember to take the length and width of each foot separately.

Bring them shopping or get their measurements in the afternoon when their feet are at their largest size—the feet swell from all the activities—and you need to accommodate the changes.

Ensure that they have enough toe room leaving a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the tip of the shoes. Choose footwear with wide-toe boxes. Usually, the rounded or squared-toe ones are ideal.


2. They are lightweight.

Your son's bones and muscles continuously develop until puberty, so it's essential to have lightweight shoes to avoid straining or forcing them. In addition, footwear should feel natural and easy to run or walk around in the classroom so that it won't affect their gait.


3. They are breathable.

Letting moisture stay in your child's shoes is a big no-no because it can breed bacterial and fungal build-up that can cause athlete's foot and foul odour. Instead, choose materials like leather, which allow air to come in and circulate to keep your child's feet fresh all day.


4. They are flexible.

Boys' shoes must mimic the natural movement of your child's feet when moving barefoot. The front of the shoe must bend where the toes do when walking. It will help if you search for shoes that fold until the ball only. Check this by picking up the footwear and pushing the toe upwards.


5. They have an adjustable fit.

Adjustability is essential in determining if shoes are comfortable. Your son will join activities where he needs to loosen or tighten his footwear. Everflex has two kinds: touch-fastening straps and laces.

Touch-fastening straps, also known as hook and loop, have two nylon strips that lock together when pressed. This is ideal for younger learners because they close and open easily. Everflex shoes use double straps. This style gives your son an adjustable, comfortable, and convenient fit to help when he's active.

Meanwhile, laces require more skill, suitable for older students who can tie laces independently. Of the two, this fastening provides a more adjustable fit, which your child can use when needed. In addition, the lace-ups use this fastening to ensure the footwear stays on their feet securely.

The pull-on ankle boots are the fastest to wear and can withstand all activities. This Everflex style uses elastic side gussets to provide a snug fit. Little ones will appreciate the benefits of lace-ups!


What makes boys' school shoes durable?

Your son needs new school shoes that won't fall apart quickly. Not only is it hard to find a new pair, but it also costs a lot of money. The materials used to make school shoes affect how long they last. It can be hard to tell, and even the best brands with the latest releases don't always make them with durable materials.

The Everflex huge range of footwear uses materials like leather to resist wear and tear. Moreover, you can repair and fix leather school shoes to make them look brand new and polish them with Everflex's instant shine to bring their lustre back.

More importantly, check the soles of your child's footwear because they carry the brunt of your child's weight. They must not give in easily or break down once your child starts doing rough activities. The soles of your child's school shoes must have a grip, so ensure traction to keep him steady. Another thing to be aware of is that Spendless has a size range that includes difficult sizes, so finding your trainers with the perfect fit is painless when you checkout at Spendless!


Get All Your Son's Footwear Needs at Everflex!

Get your son's durable and comfortable academic footwear by heading to the nearest Everflex retailer so that they can get measured properly. If you can't go in-store, visit the online shop and take advantage of discounted products on display. Receive updates and exclusive discounts on selected styles, especially if you join the mailing list! Stop wasting time and money on shoes that break easily.