Boys’ School Shoes Are Perfect for All Ages!

The boys' school shoes at Everflex are perfect for all ages. While some designs are better suited to more advanced children due to their fastenings, all styles are suitable for early learners up to higher levels. 

If this is your first time buying footwear for his classes, we're telling you it's quite a ride! However, if this isn't your first time, you're already quite an expert. 

But we will still need to remind you what you need to know when buying school shoes. There are several characteristics to check and available Everflex styles to discover. 

You would want to avoid the pair of school shoes you took the time to buy getting ruined after a short while. We at Everflex would like to simplify the shopping process by giving you a rundown of each. We'd also like to share ways you can keep the boys' school shoes clean to keep them around longer.


Everflex Has a Huge Range of School Shoes Boys Adore!

Whatever your child's age is, all these styles of boys' school shoes are perfect for all ages. 


Style 1—Pull-On Boots

While we usually recommend pull-on boots for early starters because they are the easiest to wear, we think this pair is appropriate for all ages. Perfect for days when they are running late! Without any fastenings, your child will appreciate how they can wear the footwear by slipping their feet in them. 

Thanks to the elastic side gussets, your child can slip their feet in and out of these school shoes in the most comfortable way. These classy, conventional black ankle boots go well with uniforms.

Since boots cover the feet up to the ankles, the school shoes shield the wearer's feet from foreign objects that might get tangled up in their footwear and keep the feet warm and dry during wet and chilly weather. Also, their thick soles give them the stability and grip your child needs to stay on their feet and not fall.

These school shoes are the easiest to put on, but they have one drawback. The footwear does not have a fastener to keep them in place. As a result, the little ones can unintentionally remove their shoes and cause an accident, but the older ones have more control, so it's all good!


Style 2—Double Straps

Another kind of boys' school shoe that is perfect for all ages is the double! This footwear has two touch-fastening straps to keep them in place, making it perfect for students in their early years of education who still need to be more skilled with tying their laces. 

However, older students can also benefit from how easily they can wear these school shoes. They can rapidly fasten the footwear and adjust the tightness of the straps with one hand. 

Touch-fastening straps have fastenings with two nylon fabric strips each. One of the strips has little hooked threads, while the other has a rough surface, and your child needs to press them together to lock them.

The child would have to pull the strips apart with force to open the shoes, making a noticeable tearing sound. A flaw of this fastening is that there's a limit on the number of times your child can open and close the straps before adhesion runs out. If that happens, parents need to buy a new set of boys' school shoes because the footwear is useless without the fastening.


There are specific issues with this fastening, including:

  • The straps won't work as well if you don't regularly pick up lint, dirt, and other loose objects. However, you can use tweezers or duct tape to remove the accumulated dirt.
  • The straps can randomly attach themselves to materials and harm them.
  • The noise they produce when separating the touch-fastening straps


Style 3—Lace-Up Black School Shoes

Learning to tie laces is an independent skill that older students eventually learn, but younger students can still wear these shoes. Initially, parents can help their child tie the footwear until they know. 

The laces on the school shoes will keep the footwear in place. Adjust the laces to tighten or loosen the fit. Teaching your child how to tie laces will require patience and daily practise, but it's a good bonding time for both.

Laces are the only fastening independent of the school shoes. When they become filthy, separate them from the footwear and rinse them. You can handwash them or add them to your washing machine load.

Did you know that one way to keep school shoes looking fresh is to keep the laces clean?

You can always buy a new one to avoid cleaning the laces. Add new laces from Everflex before you check out. The length of the laces is essential because if they are long, your child might accidentally trip over their shoes. 


Style 4—Sneakers

Your child needs a pair of school shoes for clubs, teams, and physical education (PE). This footwear is perfect for all ages, as children discover their interests and sports and even build friendships by playing with other children. 

You will have more peace of mind if you know they are wearing shoes appropriate for their activities.


Footwear Material

Everflex has vegan-friendly school shoes for boys that can be a good alternative to leather for parents and guardians to think about. Popular among students in high school, shoes like this open up kids' awareness of animal welfare. While leather comes from animal skins like those of cows, goats, and sheep, the production of vegan-friendly footwear does not use animals.

The production of leather boys' school shoes takes longer than vegan-friendly ones because they have more steps. On the one hand, vegan-friendly footwear does not pollute as much or leave a significant carbon footprint. 


Your Child Deserves the Best Boy’s School Shoes!

The best collection of boys' black school shoes is at Everflex Australia. Your child deserves a pair of any of the styles we mentioned. Our brand is comparable to top brands like Clarks, Roc, Harrison, etc. Whatever you choose, you will get the best because Everflex footwear is comfortable, supportive, durable, and affordable.

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