Boys are Rough on Their Boy's School Shoes, Everflex are Built to Last!

It is that time of year when every child needs a new pair of kicks. So if your son needs some new boy's school shoes, you have come to the right place. Here at Everflex, we have a wide range of footwear that can cater to your son's needs. 


Boy's school shoes are offered in a wide range of styles and designs. The best thing about kicks we offer in our many benefits is that they can get worn for school & work. In addition, there are unisex, leather, and vegan-friendly styles for boys and girls.

You and your son will love what a new pair of school shoes can do for you. Take a read below to find out more!


Style 1 – Lace-up


Check out our range of lace-up boys' school shoes. You and your son will love what a pair of these kicks can do for them. A set of lace-up school shoes is super flattering and can get worn throughout the year. In addition, these kicks are durable, comfortable, and supportive on your child's feet. 


We can never get enough of these kicks, and we know you will love what a pair can do for you. Our lace-up boy's school shoes offer a thick and comfortable sole with durable outer material. You can never get enough of these boys' school shoes by your side. 


The best thing about investing in a pair of these kicks is that you can share them with your children. In addition, these boys' school shoes will never go out of style, which means all of your children can rock a stylish pair of kicks. So start the term off the right way with these lace-up school shoes!

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Style 2 – Touch-fastening 


Get your hands on a comfortable new pair of touch-fastening boy's school shoes this season! Your son will love wearing a pair of these kicks throughout the day of learning and play. 


Our range of touch-fastening boys' school shoes is super wearable throughout the day. We love how comfortable and stylish a pair of these kicks can look and feel on your son's feet. But, of course, there is nothing better than wearing touch-fastening boy's school shoes in the classroom or on the oval. 


Touch-fastening boy's shoes are the perfect kicks for every little man to wear. If your son struggles to wake up in the mornings and likes to sleep in, then a pair of these kicks are sure to become your son's favourite pair of kicks. Your child can easily slip right into a set of these boys' shoes. 


All they have to do is jump out of bed, get dressed, and slip right into their pair of touch-fastening boys' shoes. VERB is the perfect pair of kicks for your child to get your hands on! 


Our online store has a size guide for you to look for, and EU cm is included there. In addition, we have a collection of shoe sizes there, from baby, toddler, child, to teenager, and even women and men.

In addition, you can use clear filters to search for your pair of shoes by categories, colour, size, and price.


Style 3 – Boots


Get ready for the winter season with our range of boots! Nothing is better than ensuring your child looks and feels their very best throughout the day of learning and play. However, it can be hard to know what style of boy's school shoes to get your son when the winter season comes around. 


We recommend investing in a pair of boots for your son. These kicks feature a high-cut design with sturdy outer material and chunky soles. These features ensure that your son does not come home with rain, dirt, and mud stuck in their kicks. 


Your son will love to wear these shoes from morning until night. These are the perfect set of footwear that can keep your child's feet comfortable and protected all day and night long.


Boots are a must-have style of footwear that every little man needs in his life. So take this as a sign to get these shoes for your son.

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Style 4 – Trainers


Does your son love to play sports and stay active throughout the day? If you are nodding, yes, we have the perfect set of boys' school shoes. That's right! Our range of trainers is sure to tick all the right boxes. But, of course, there is nothing better than wearing a pair of these kicks throughout the day and night. 


The best thing about a set of trainers is that your son can wear them during the day of learning and play for hours of activities. So if your son plays a sport or loves to spend time with friends after a big day, you can trust that his pair of trainers can keep him comfortable and protected. 


Trainers are the type of shoes that offer a stroke width of a thick sole and padded outer material. With these kicks by their side, you will protect your son's feet from morning until night.

If your son grows out of his pair of school shoes, boys younger than him can wear them again. Then, they can invest in a new pair of high school shoes. Trainers are the type of shoes that are hard to resist! So add them to your shopping cart now!


Style 5 – Canvas sneakers 


Treat your son to a pair of stylish boy's school shoes this season with our range of canvas sneakers! This footwear style is perfect to wear throughout the day and can get styled to wear during weekend adventures. 


Your son will never want to take these black school shoes off his feet. The best thing about canvas sneakers is that they can get worn throughout summer. You will find that these black school shoes feature a super comfortable and breathable outer material with a thin sole underneath. 


These features ensure plenty of breathability throughout the pair of school shoes. In addition, we love how easy to wear these kicks are throughout the summer season. So take these kicks to the checkout area.




One thing that every parent forgets to invest in when shopping for some new boy's school shoes is to get accessories. You will find accessories are the best investment for your child's new kicks. 


We recommend investing in some innersoles for your son's new boy's school shoes. These sit on the inside of his footwear and instantly give him a boost of comfort. Your son will love you forever once you get a pair of these accessories in his life. His new set of boy's school shoes will become his new favourite kicks in no time! 


Have you found the perfect pair of boy's school shoes?


If you are nodding your head, yes, now is the perfect time to invest! We love what a pair of these kicks can do for you and your son. There is nothing better than getting your hands on some super comfortable and stylish kicks to start the term. Head to the Everflex store website today and get some new boys' school shoes ASAP!  

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