Australia’s Best School Shoes Are Everflex School Shoes… Here’s Why!


Everflex will deliver the best school shoes to your door this season! Our range has more to offer you this season than ever before! 




There are heaps of sensational school shoes for you to try!




As much as we all love glossy black styles with rounded toes, they’re hardly the only looks that students should have. Our Mary-Jane sandals are a fashionable alternative, and the buckled versions have been popular school shoes with trendy teens over the last season. Laser-cut styles like these are always favourites in spring and summer because kids appreciate the extra airflow. Try something similar if sweaty feet and stinky school shoes are a problem for your kids. And remember, it’s not just classroom designs that your kids will need. If your child plays any extracurricular sports or has weekly PE classes, then they’ll need school shoes like our trainers and sneakers. Everflex can offer you a vast range of options— have a browse and see for yourself in 2020! 




We have a 100 Day Guarantee on our school shoes!




This quality guarantee covers you for 100 days from the original purchase date. It’s our way of showing you that Everflex takes the satisfaction of customers and the quality of our school shoes seriously. If your most recent purchase starts to show any glaring design faults or excessive wear-and-tear during those 100 days, then contact us; we’ll make sure that you get a replacement! There’s no excuse for low-quality school shoes, and Everflex is willing to prove it! Buy a pair at the start of the term, and they’ll have that safeguard in place well into the following semester. Stick with us, and we’ll make sure that you get your money’s worth out of every pair of school shoes! 




Our styles can keep up with growing kids! 




Everflex has an enormous range of sizes for school shoes. Our littlest styles are tiny toddler sizes, and we go all the way up to women’s size 11 and men’s size 13. There’s no gap between categories either; as soon as your child outgrows the biggest kids’ school shoes, they can move on straight to the adult categories. You won’t have to worry about being caught short with teenagers and preteens because we have such an expansive spread of sizes. If you find a design that you adore at Everflex, then that spread of sizes makes buying school shoes for your child even more manageable. Instead of hunting around for a new style every time you child outgrows their pair, you can take note of the name and come back for a bigger size! It’s just that simple when you get school shoes from Everflex. 




Everflex’s vegan-friendly options are super affordable!




Let us help you the next time that you shop for footwear. Despite the high demand for ethically-focused fashion, make the environmentally-conscious choice is still challenging and expensive with most retailers. Luckily, that couldn’t be further from the truth with Everflex’s school shoes! Our vegan-friendly synthetic styles are as cheap as the rest of our designs, and they look just as good under a uniform. Better still, your kids will also get to benefit from the durable (and water-resistant) material, lightweight feel, and enduring comfort from these school shoes. 


In addition to our vegan-friendly options, we also have designs with leather. You can search for school shoes by the material on the Everflex website, and each style states whether it is vegan-friendly or not in the description. As such, you can call all the shots when you shop with Everflex.   




Be sure of your school shoes this semester!




Jump online and enjoy a stress-free shopping with Everflex.