A Parents’ Guide To School Shoes

Are you looking for help with buying brown school shoes for students? Everflex is here to help you! In this handy article, we’ll go through the types of boys and girls school shoes we have in 2021 and some information you might find helpful once you’re ready to buy these kids new arrivals. Let’s get started!


What Sizes Do We Have Available?


You’ll have no trouble finding the right pair of black school shoes for your child! Our children’s sizes link directly to the ranges for women and men, which means there’s no awkward waiting period for students who outgrow our most extensive senior boys’ and girls school shoes.


Instead, they can start looking through the relevant designs in our collection of mens new arrivals for adults. Our children’s range includes eleven sizes, and that means there are boys and girls school shoes for children as young as toddlers and as old as teenagers.


Beyond that, there are our styles for men and women to choose from as well. Is this your first time getting dress shoes from Everflex?


If you aren’t familiar with how our sizes work, then make sure to check out our handy size guides online! First, read through the web page’s introductory information for the updates on new styles, and then consult the size charts school shoes you’re looking at buying.


You can use our size guides to compare Everflex sizes with UK, US and EU styles, so as long as you know your child’s measurements in one of those, you can find their matching pair in the others!


What Designs Can You Get From Everflex?


Most featured items from Everflex shoes are traditional classroom designs. You’ll know these by sight, so we won’t waste time going through the specifics.


Instead, we want to talk about a few of the other party shoes you can find on our shelves. For girls who want something more stylish than the norm, we have Mary-Jane for young womens shoes with geometric cut-outs.


Pull-on boots are another popular pick for ankle boots, especially in wintertime. With their elasticised side gussets and water-resistant material, these are a fantastic option during wet weather.


You’ll find fabulous lynx blue trainers and sportswear on our shelves too, and casual sneakers for kids who want comfortable sports shoes ! Now, what about the fastenings?


Most of the black and brown school shoes at Everflex come with either touch-fastening straps or laced uppers. Since touch-fastening styles are the favourite option for young children, most come in our most petite sizes.


However, we have pairs that go up to a women’s size 10 with touch-fastening straps to cater to older students and kids with larger feet under womens new arrivals. Similarly, while laced designs tend to run in larger sizes, you can get a kids’ size 9 (which will fit toddlers) with laces, so older children with smaller feet get catered to as well.


Should You Buy Leather Or Synthetic School Shoes For Your Kids?


Well, the material that would work best for your children all depends on what features they need the most from their styles. For instance, if your kids have sensitive or sweaty feet, then leather-inclusive ethical sourcing shoes are their ideal match.


Leather is a malleable material with excellent air circulation, which means students’ feet shouldn’t overheat in those pairs (or get smelly from the sweat). So, if you know that’s been a problem for your children in the past, then invest in some leather hi shine shoes in 2021! Alternatively, you have the option to get students our synthetic styles.


These vegan-friendly mary janes shoes are the most durable designs in our range, and they’re almost impervious to water. Do your busy children scuff or wear out their footwear a lot? Well, we highly recommend getting synthetic mens shoes for children who need styles with more durability.


When Is The Best Time To Buy Them?


There are a few different answers to this question. If your children outgrow their trade enquiries shoes, then you’ll want to get them a replacement as soon as possible. Unlike other retailers, Everflex always has a full assortment of styles, sales and exclusive ready to go during any season of the year.


So you’ll never struggle to find kids shoes  on our online store when your children need them most! 


If you’re a parent who appreciates a bargain, then we recommend waiting until our promotional periods (as long as your kids can afford to wait, too!). While we have great sales throughout the year, our best discounts for shoe care and school shoes usually occur in the holidays and weeks before classes go back again.


Now, what else? Since Everflex offers flexible payment methods like zipping and Afterpay, there’s never a wrong time to order our wide fit shoes. Whether you’re waiting for your next payday or don’t want to go over your weekly shopping budget, buying items with Afterpay and Zip makes things so much easier!


You can split the cost of your order of mary janes into smaller, more manageable payments. That way, it’s effortlessly easy to stay on top of your expenses while still being able to shop for students when you need to most!


How Do You Test The Fit Of A New Pair?


This is a skill all parents should know! Testing the fit of your child’s hi shine shoes is so simple; you can learn how to do it in no time.


First, get your kid to put on their official uniform socks (or stockings). Next, help your child put on their new boys and girls school shoes and do up the fastenings until the pair fits securely and comfortably. Next, get your child to stand up.


To see if your kids shoes have enough room in the toe area, press down on the top of the style until you can feel the tip of their longest toe. If your child’s toes are already touching the edge of the material, then the size is too small! 


Ideally, there should be at least a centimetre of space between the end of their sports shoes and their toes. After that, get your child to walk around the room for a little while. As long as their dress shoes aren’t slipping off at the back or pinching parts of their feet, everything should be okay!


Hopefully, You’re Feeling More Confident About Buying Your Child’s New Pair Now!


Are you ready for a closer look at the Everflex range? Then, visit our online store whenever you like!