A Guide to Shopping for School Shoes with Kids

Everyone knows that going shopping for a pair of kid's school shoes can be quite a challenge. It is even more challenging to take your children with you to have a quick view. But there are many benefits to this process. 


We know that bringing your children along to the shoe menu shop can be a very stressful situation, but there are times where you have to push through. The team at Everflex have conjured up a range of helpful tips that work correctly with shopping with your children situation. 


So make your first purchase and enjoy amazing rewards in these favourite fusion brands.


Finding a pair of kids school shoes with your children who have come along for the ride can be a fun experience. Keep on reading if you are interested in picking up some of our helpful tips for when you need to go to a shopping site for faster checkout of some kids school shoes with your children. 


Bring your children with you!


Our first helpful tip is to encourage you to bring your children along to the shopping experience. If you can get your children to the day of shopping for kids school shoes, you will find it super beneficial. This tip gives your children the chance to see how the shopping process works and teaches them valuable life lessons. This tip can include teaching your children how to use and save money. 


You can also teach them the right way to behave in a store environment, which they may not have a good idea yet. Since you are shopping for some new kid's shoes, it makes sense to bring your children along so they can be a part of the experience and learn the best way to shop for these kicks. 


If you are worried that they will be disruptive at the shops, you can treat your children to lunch afterwards. Your children will love you one hundred times more if they are rewarded for good behaviour with a lunch date after shopping for kids school shoes. 


Try them on in-store! 


The best part about bringing your children on the shopping experience for a new pair of kid's shoes is that they are physically there to try on the footwear. Letting your children try on the new set of kid's school shoes in the store is super helpful to the buying process. 


You will be in store with help nearby if you notice that the pair of footwear does not fit very well. You can also see what style of kids shoes your children enjoy wearing and what design makes them happy. 


There is nothing worse than your child causing a scene because they do not like the design that has been chosen for them. If you can get your hands on the pair of school shoes that your child was the happiest wearing, then you should do so. We love to see a smile on their little dials! 


Get your child's feet fitted!


Another great tip to consider when shopping for a pair of new styles of sneakers is to get your child's feet fitted. When you are in-store, there is plenty of help options to consider, which will ensure you buy the right set of kid's shoes. 


The helpful staff can assist you with getting your child's feet fitted and finding a pair of kicks for your child to try on. This method is perfect when you search for the most accurate measurement for your big baby and their set of kids' school kicks. 


This process may be time-consuming. However, it is worth waiting for. Your child's new pair of school shoes will fit perfectly on their feet after this step. Woohoo! 


Buy the right-sized school shoes! 


If you choose not to get your child's feet fitted, you must buy the right size pair of new styles of sneakers. Many parents are told to invest in their kid's school kicks that are slightly longer, like one or two sizes bigger than their actual foot—for example, buying 6.5 7.5 shoe sizes instead of 5.5 6.5.


This tip is not very helpful, so note that your child's feet are constantly growing and changing, especially the gender boys who are very normal. 


Sometimes their feet may stay the same size for a couple of years and then all of a sudden experience a growth spurt (or vice versa). As a customer, creating about shoe size is very important.


The best size of kid's shoes you should buy for your child is their current foot size, plus a thumb-width gap at the top of the kicks. This tip allows a small space for wriggle room and growth, just in case they experience a growth spurt throughout the academic year. 


Follow the uniform guidelines!


Bringing your girls and boys to the kid's school shoe shopping experience can be helpful when you are not aware of certain things. Unfortunately, many parents do the kid's school shoe shop more than once because they are unaware of the uniform guidelines. 


Having your girls and boys there with you can help with remembering the uniform guidelines and can help you avoid you making any mistakes. 


Your child will know what style, design, and colour of kids' shoes they need and are allowed to wear. They are a helpful addition to your kids school shoes, brands shopping trip and will save you from spending double the money on footwear. 


Invest in accessories! 


One tip that many parents forget about is to invest in some accessories that pair well with their kicks and bag. This step is a must-do because your children will need some backup accessories for their new brands shoes at some point throughout the year. 


The two most necessary accessories you will need are backup laces and socks. These are the first items to experience wear and tear in their new styles of brands shoes. When you least expect it, you will require some replacement laces and socks, which is why it is so important to invest in some backup accessories.    


If your girls and boys need some added comfort and support for their feet, investing in some innersoles may also be helpful. These go straight into the pair of kid's shoes and will then give your kid a boost of comfort for a few more months. 


Ready to shop your new kid's school shoes? 


 If your girls and boys need a new pair of school shoes, then now is the time to grab and save a pair. After reading through our helpful tips, you would feel so much more at ease with taking your children to go shopping for school shoes. 


So, take this as a sign to do some online shopping and head to the top online shopping brands shop, Everflex website to close checkout our sales, exclusive offers purchase, subscribe and if you need some more kid's school shoes inspiration! Continue shopping and receive updates from us.