A Guide To Kids School Shoes: Tips From A Podiatrist

Are you about to buy kids’ school shoes? Let these handy tips guide your way!


Don’t Buy Kids’ School Shoes That Need Breaking In!


When you buy a new pair of kids casual shoes for your child, they shouldn’t have to spend time breaking in their footwear. That’s not to say that there might not be a grace period if you change your kids’ school shoes. 


For example, if your children are moving from touch-fastening styles to lace ups sneakers ones, or you’ve switched your daughter from a classic kids casual shoes pair to Mary Janes sandals, then it might take them a little while to adjust.


However, your black leather kids’ school shoes should still feel comfortable durable from the first moment students wear them. As such, Everflex designs premium leather-look styles with soft and malleable material that can reshape to match your child’s feet and synthetic designs with flexible soles and built-in support to facilitate a cosy feel.


With such fantastic ease of wear from the first day on your child’s feet, there’s no need to break them in before the end of the holidays. But, of course, we still recommend buying black leather kids’ school shoes ahead of time!


You can order our styles through our shoes online store with express shipping if you leave things to the last minute, but it’s best to try and leave yourself a buffer. That way, you can have your children try on their new black leather kids’ school shoes.


Check at our size guides that each pair fits correctly at your leisure. If your kids’ school shoes aren’t the right size, you’ll have plenty of time to contact Everflex, or look at our size guides, organise an exchange, and receive your updated order before your children are due back in the classroom!


Pick The Material That Works Best For Your Children!


Did you know that kids’ school shoes from Everflex get made with either synthetic or leather school material? You’d be hard-pressed to figure out which were faux premium leather and genuine since our timeless designs all get sophisticated and shiny finishes. 


As such, we’ve made sure to label each of our black leather kids’ school shoes as leather or synthetic. When you shop with us online, you’ll see banners pointing out the premium leather pairs. Premium leather kids’ school shoes are ideal for children with sensitive feet. 


The malleability and additional air circulation offered by premium leather material for leather school kids shoes will help reduce the risk of skin irritation and blisters for students of all ages. Synthetic kids’ school shoes are more lightweight than leather school styles, and they’re also more robust. 


So if you’re shopping for a child who can wear out their pair in a few weeks (or less), then we think they’re a great pick. Kids’ school shoes made from synthetic leather have fantastic water resistance, they don’t scuff easily, and they only take a second to clean. 


Plus, they’re vegan-friendly footwear too! So which of these materials would suit the needs of your kids’ school shoes?


Ensure That You Get The Right Fit!


Kids’ leather school shoes are something you need to get perfect! 


Your children spend the majority of their week wearing these styles and for long stints of time without reprieve, which means getting the proper size and design for your child is crucial. Good thing we have the right size guides for you!


If your children spend their days in ill-fitting kids’ school shoes, it can lead to everything from minor injuries (like skinned knees or palms from tripping over) to serious musculoskeletal issues in their feet.


Besides, Everflex makes finding the ideal match for your children oh-so-easy, so there’s no excuse for poorly-fitted footwear in 2021! Firstly, you have our handy size guides to direct you to the best kids’ school shoes.


You can use our shoes online size guides charts to compare Everflex’s sizes with UK, US, and EU measurements in a matter of seconds. Plus, each of the kids’ school shoes comes with a description that indicates their average age range (Pre-Walker, junior girls, senior girls, or preteen).


As such, you’ll never need to order a pair from our shoes online store with nothing to guide you but optimism. Do you know how to test the fit of your kids’ school shoes? It’s super easy! Get your child to try the new style of kids casual shoes with their uniform stockings or socks, so you’ll get the most accurate measure. 


Next, fastening the laces or straps until the kids’ school shoes are secure (without being too tight), then get your child to stand. Are there any loose or tight areas that you can see already?


Next, press down on the tip of your kids’ school shoes and check that there’s at least a centimetre between your child’s longest toe and the end of the style. If everything’s looking good, get your child to walk around the room and ensure that the backs of the block heels aren’t slipping down or pinching their feet.

Try Some Innersoles In Your Kids’ School Shoes!


Does your child often complain about sore feet?


While poor comfort shouldn’t be an issue for kids’ school shoes from Everflex, there are instances when children might need some extra help! 


For starters, if your son or daughter has a lot of extracurricular activities or kids sport like indoor soccer, light crossing training, kids basketball, and trail run, then they will probably need more support and the right athletic shoe for them.


Morning music rehearsals, kids sport, afternoon sports practices/sports watches, indoor soccer, and other club activities make a student’s day last even longer than usual, and they’ll need kids’ school shoes that are up to the challenge.


Do you want to give your child additional support? Try some of Everflex’s excellent innersoles. These foam rollers and gel inner soles come in half sizes and full-length designs. Place a pair of these kids casual shoes inserts into your kids’ school shoes, and they’ll enjoy endless comfortable durable!


However, please remember that Everfex’s innersoles only act as comfortable durable, and extra support. If your child continues to feel uncomfortable after long days wearing kids’ school shoes, then we highly recommend booking an appointment with a podiatrist!


Our innersoles are one-size-fits-all products instead of medically prescribed orthotics, which will get custom-fitted to meet your child’s ideal specifications. So, feel free to use our innersoles as a trail run for your kids’ school shoes, and if things don’t improve, then consider talking to your local foot specialist!


Good Luck!


Follow these tips, and we’re sure you’ll find the ideal kids’ school shoes for your child in no time! See what’s available at Everflex’s shoes online store today!