5 Ways To Make Shopping For School Shoes Easier!

Buying boys’ school shoes from Everflex has never been so easy! Just follow these 5 tips:



  • Choose the right time to place your order!



Do you know that you’ll need to buy new boys’ school shoes in time for the start of the next semester? While you don’t want to buy anything too early (kids grow so quickly, after all!), you should still aim to shop in advance, so you have time to place and receive your order. Here at Everflex, we offer express shipping for customers, so you can always get your boys’ school shoes in a rush if you need that.


Still, to save yourself the stress and a few extra dollars, it’s best to time your order a week or so before classes start again. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to make an exchange if things aren’t quite right, or to get your sons to start breaking in their new boys’ school shoes. 



  • Use our size chart to determine which pair would be right for your child!



Buying boys’ school shoes online will be a breeze if you use our convenient size chart. We have separate sections for women’s, men’s and kids’ styles, so finding the right guide for your son should be no trouble. You can use our size guide to compare different measurements for sizes. So, if you know the ideal fit for boys’ school shoes in EU, UK, or US measures, then you can find the equivalent Everflex size instantly! 



  • Search for boys’ school shoes online before sitting down with your son!



One easy way to ensure that your child is happy with his new boys’ school shoes is to bring him into the process. Let your son have the final say on which design he wants to wear, and you won’t hear any complaints about them later! Of course, there are still things that you can do beforehand to guarantee that you’re happy with the boys’ school shoes that your son selects


 First, jump online and have a browse through our kids’ collection. If you’re shopping for boys’ school shoes on a budget, then refine your options using the search filter on the left. 


Once you’ve got options displayed in the price range you like (and the correct size and material etc.), call your son over to make his choice!



  • Purchase any accessories you want at the same time as your boys’ school shoes!



Did you know that Everflex offers free shipping for orders over $50? Keep that in mind if there are any foot care or cleaning accessories that you want for your boys’ school shoes. After all, since our pairs are super affordable, you might need a few of our accessories to push your order into the free shipping threshold.


We’ve got value packs of socks and spare laces for boys’ school shoes, as well as supportive innersoles, heel grips, gel cushions, and cleaning products like our Instant Shine Sponge and Dubbin solution. Any of these accessories would be a great addition to your wardrobe and useful for improving and maintaining your son’s pair! 



  • Pay for your boys’ school shoes using Zip or Afterpay!



Are you struggling to budget in boys’ school shoes with all of your other expenses? When you’re buying stationery items and uniform bits already, shopping for footwear can be the thing that breaks the bank.


Of course, Everflex has an easy solution and a way for you to buy boys’ school shoes and everything else you need without getting stressed (or emptying your wallet!). Place your order through your Afterpay or Zip account, and you’ll be able to break up the cost into smaller repayments and stick to your shopping budget! 

Find boys’ school shoes for your son today! Use Everflex’s 5 tips to speed along your shopping trip!