5 Ways To Get Ready For The New School Year With These Tips

Let Everflex prepare you for the next term with our top five tips!

1. Get a fresh pair of school shoes for your child 

We’ll cover the basics, but this is probably pretty self-explanatory. The best way to get your kids ready to get back into the classroom is to send them in with a fresh pair of school shoes. If you’ve been holding out for specials and your kids desperately need to get rid of their too-tight styles, then our before-term sales are just what you’ve been holding out for all this time. You can scoop up our best school shoes at some fantastic prices during this period, which is marvellous since they’re already so cheap. Families shopping for multiple kids, have a big booklist, or need to follow a budget, will all appreciate our low-cost school shoes.

2. Update your child’s collection with sportswear

Sneakers and trainers are some of the simplest things to overlook on your pre-term shopping list. Unfortunately, these are also school shoes that you do not want your kids missing out on when they head back into PE classes and their extra-curricular sports practices. Too-tight school shoes can spell disaster in action-packed games and high-energy activities, which is why you should always replace small styles as soon as possible. If your child has outgrown their classroom-based school shoes, then check the status of their trainers as well. Chance are, they’re due for a new set of sneakers as well. Get your children ready for a new semester, and help them keep fit, with our sporty school shoes.

3. Check how your kids’ socks are doing as well 

School shoes might not be the only things that need an update. If you want to keep your kids comfy and blister-free, then it is time to trade in hole-ridden socks for some new pairs. Everflex has fantastic cotton blend styles that are great to spend a day wearing in school shoes. You can grab value packs with up to five pairs included inside, so you always get your money’s worth shopping with Everflex. These are an easy addition onto your next shopping list and a natural add-on with school shoes. 

4. Grab some spare laces while you’re with us 

Since we’re on the subject of accessories and add-ons, you might consider getting some spare laces as well. You never know when you might need spare laces for school shoes, and if you don’t want to get caught short, then grabbing some along with your newest purchase is a great way to go. When your school shoes get dirty, dusty, or messy during the term, you should have any trouble cleaning up the material. However, shoelaces are more likely to fray, stretch, and wear down under those conditions. A spare pair can be quickly substituted for old ones and have your school shoes looking brand new again. So, why wouldn’t you grab a pack?

5. Use one of our flexible purchase options

You probably have a stack of other things you need to buy along with school shoes. There’s other uniform pieces, stationery, books, lunch boxes, and more things that your child needs before they head back. If your wallet is feeling the pinch, you don’t have to pass up something else to purchase school shoes. If you buy styles from Everflex with Afterpay or Zip, you can split up the cost of your next shop and pay it back over a few weeks. You can avoid paying for everything in one hit, and your kids can get their school shoes as soon as they need them.

So, are you ready to shop at Everflex?