5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Love Their New School Shoes!

Choosing the right kids school shoes isn't something that parents look forward to. Unfortunately, you can spend what feels like hours dragging your children from store to store looking for the perfect pair that you will both agree to. Well, lucky for you, at your next annual kid's school shoe shop, take the hassle out of shopping by following a few simple steps. 


By following our simple steps, not only will your next shopping trip for kids school shoes be stress-free, but these five tips will have your children loving their new kids school shoe style! 

Great, let's get shopping for kids shoes without the unwelcome stress that can often accompany these shopping trips! 

1. Get Your Child's Feet Measured


Junior kids feet are constantly growing and changing, so it is important not to know your child's foot size, and unfortunately, this can be overlooked a lot of the time. As parents, you feel like you know your children's feet and their sizing quite well and feel like you can simply pop on a pair of school shoes in their size seamlessly. 

Well, unfortunately, that isn't the case. With children's feet constantly growing and changing, it is important to have your child's feet measured each time you shop for a new pair of school shoes. 

You can keep track of their feet's growing patterns since their last fittings, and you will also know what style of shoe and size will be perfect for your little ones. Also, getting properly measured means you will immensely cut down your shopping time – bonus! 

When it comes to measuring your children's feet, it's not all about length, so be sure to keep the foot's width in mind too. If your child's feet need more of a wide fit and you aren't aware of this, you could unintentionally end up hurting your children's feet instead of helping them grow. 

Can't Get Into An Everflex Store To Get Properly Fitted? 

Sometimes life gets in the way, and it's almost impossible to get to the shops and get the right fit for boys shoes or girls shoes alike! If that's the case, take advantage of our informative size guide that can be found on the Everflex Shoes online store. 

This will help you immensely the next time you are purchasing your kids school shoes online. Besides, if you find yourself ordering a particular style that seems to run smaller or larger than what you are used to, then you can always easily exchange in-store or online.

2. Take Your Own Socks


Aside from the obvious hygienic reasons, it's important to bring along the socks your children wear with their kids school shoes when trying on kid's school shoes. Considering the thickness or thinness of the socks' fabric will help immensely when trying on a new kid's school shoes. You will easily see the fit with their socks on, and it won't be a huge shock to your children when you take the shoes home, and it feels a little snugger than it did in the store. 

Save yourself the hassle of having to go back to the shops with annoyed children! 

3. Timing Is Everything


When do you like to do your back-to-school shopping? During the Christmas holidays? Right after or even before term 4 of the previous year is over for very organised parents? Or right at the last minute, like a week before the children are due back at school? 

However you choose to do the shopping for your kids school shoes, it's all about timing! 

Although it is a great trait to have for parents who are super organised, sometimes it can do you more harm than good. At the rapid rate, your children's feet grow, you could purchase a pair that may not fit once the new year begins, so keep this in mind when shopping for your kids school shoes. 

Or if you leave your shopping until the last minute, you can be stuck with low stock levels and unpopular sizes, which doesn't leave you enough time to wait for new stock to arrive. 

Although these are common scenarios that almost all parents have encountered at some point in their parenting journeys, that's why you should make Everflex's exclusive supplier, Spendless Shoes, your one-stop-shop when it comes to shopping for your kids school shoes! Not only do we have a wide range of kids' school shoes suitable for all children's ages, styles, all the while keeping within parents' budgets, but we also keep kid's school shoes available and in stock all year round.

 So when the unthinkable happens, you can always rely on us to have a new pair of junior kids school shoes just waiting for you! 

4. Wear In Your New Kids School Shoes


Just like you would wear in a new pair of heels around the house just before an all-day event, then why wouldn't you do the same for your children? 

Let your children walk around the house in their new kids school shoes. Before you let them dive right into the deep end, let them wear them around the house, walking up the stairs, standing, sitting, running and playing. By doing this, you will allow your children to get used to their new kids school shoes and easily. Encourage them to break in their new kicks! 

Hard-wearing black leather or brown school shoes can be stiff and hard before the leather has softened, which comes with wear. So, to avoid sore feet and blisters when your little ones come home from a long day, then allow your children to wear-in their new kids school shoes and get used to wearing them.

5. Listen To Your Child


If your child is complaining in any way, then be sure to listen to them. Whether their new kids school shoes are too tight, too loose, or something doesn't feel right, listen to them. They are the ones who have to be wearing them all day, so you want to make sure they are as comfortable as can be! The last thing you want to do is spend money on kids school shoes that your child refuses to wear, so let your child be the judge of what kid's school shoes they like best! 

Our staff will help you to their best abilities to help you and your children find black school shoes, brown school shoes, leather school shoes, or kids athletic shoes - whatever you need! So don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any concerns when it comes to your children's feet.

So whether you are shopping for the beginning of a new year or mid-year because your little one has gone through a growth spurt. Then make Everflex your one-stop-shop when it comes to boys school shoes or girls shoes! Take the hassle out of shopping! Simply follow our five tips to help you find the right fit. 

We guarantee that you and your child will love your shopping experience, which in turn will have your children loving their new kids school shoes! We've got womens casual or dress shoes for mothers and mary janes for girls shoes. Black leather ankle boots, mens casual or dress shoes, lace ups sneakers, athletic shoes for the guys and many more!

So, make your way into a Spendless Shoes store!