5 Tips For Purchasing Non-Slip Shoes!

Are non-slip shoes on your shopping list? Everflex has five fantastic tips for you today! Follow our advice, and you can get the most from your next pair! 



  • Pick a style made from synthetic material



There are more than several reasons to go with synthetic non-slip shoes over leather styles, so take note! Firstly, synthetic products are vegan-friendly and a great choice for anyone who wants to support sustainable fashion. 


Secondly, when you buy them from Everflex, the price difference between leather and faux leather products is almost invisible. You won’t break the bank buying non-slip shoes made from artificial fabrics. 


Thirdly, synthetic material is easier to clean, rarely gets marked, and tends to last longer than leather. Have we convinced you to choose non-slip shoes made with artificial material? 


Well, you’re in luck if you want to say goodbye to leather products in 2021 because all of Everflex’s slip-resistant styles are vegan-friendly!  



  • Decide if you want non-slip shoes that look sporty or formal! 



Did you know that we had more than one style on offer? It’s true! Shop at Everflex, and you can find non-slip shoes informal, casual, and sporty-looking designs. So, which sort should you have on your shopping list? 


Our dressiest non-slip shoes have the closest resemblance to classic school styles. If you’re searching for a safe pair to wear to work at a café, fast-food restaurant, cinema, clinic, retail store, or similar spot, then these are the ones to choose from. Non-slip shoes with a sophisticated cut are also ideal for students, and we’ll go into a bit more detail for you in the next part of this article. 


Now, how about our sporty-feeling designs? Like the first pair, these are lace-up styles as well, so you can easily adjust your non-slip shoes to your ideal comfort. We tend to see people who work in hospitality or the aged care industry in these styles. Not only do they come with all the features of slip-resistant footwear, but they also have extra padding on the soles and cushioning for feet. 


The fun, ready-for-anything feel of these non-slip shoes are a bonus too. Finally, Everflex also has a slip-on version. These non-slip shoes have a sleek and sophisticated look to them, along with an active sole that wouldn’t look out of place on sportswear. If you’re searching for something more casual, these will be a dream come true! 



  • Remember that students can wear non-slip shoes to school!


Are you shopping for a teenager? Don’t forget that you can double-up on uses for your teen’s non-slip shoes if they have a part-time or casual job. Why waste money on another set of footwear if one excellent pair can cover them for everything? At a glance, non-slip shoes look the same as traditional school styles, so they’re always a popular pick with parents anyway. 


With special features such as non-marking outsoles, built-in arch support, oil and water-resistant material, heel impact cushioning, and more, they provide the ultimate protection for their wearer! 


Students who spend their days in non-slip shoes will be able to handle early morning practices. There are also full days of lessons, afternoon club activities, and anything else that comes their way. 


Of course, if you’re buying styles for a young adult, then their extra commitments will typically be work. Non-slip shoes are safety styles by design. They’re a must-have for anyone who works in retail, hospitality or fast-food, and all those sorts of places. After all, their excellent tread, protective features, and enduring comfort are ideal for long and demanding shifts at work. Since non-slip shoes are ideal for teenagers to wear to school and on-the-job, why would you bother buying another pair?


 You will save money and the trouble of buying two pairs. It will also be more convenient for kids who shift immediately after the end of their lessons. Instead of toting a second pair of footwear to school along with their books and work uniform, students can keep their non-slip shoes on all day and simply change their clothes! 



  • Get some shoe care accessories to keep your new pair in great condition! 



Non-slip shoes get designed to endure and provide the ultimate comfort. However, that’s not to say that they can’t use a bit of extra love and care from you now and then. After all, if you follow our advice and have your child wear their non-slip shoes for school and work, then they’re going to be a go-to pair practically every week. 


If you want your pair to last as long as possible, then there are some accessories in our shoe care range that should do the trick! A pack of spare laces would be a great idea since you can easily swap out old, dirty, or fraying laces for a fresh set to keep non-slip shoes looking their best. 


As for the cleaning products we have available, Everflex has Dubbin cleaner and the Instant Shine Sponge. Dubbin is a clear-coloured cleaning agent, which will help waterproof, condition, and protect leather material (faux leather as well!). The Instant Shine Sponge works dry, and it’s highly-effective for wiping off dirt, dust, and any mess. A little bit of maintenance and TLC will go a long way! 



  • When you buy non-slip shoes, make sure you get the most for your money! 



There is no such thing as a bad time to buy styles from Everflex! First off, we have a free shipping threshold for orders over $50, so you shouldn’t have to pay extra to get your new non-slip shoes delivered. Still, that’s not the only way to save on your next order!


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Follow Everflex’s five tips for non-slip shoes in 2021!

We hope you’ve found this helpful! Do you want to learn more about Everflex’s tips and tricks? Take a look at another one of our handy articles!