5 Tips For Finding School Shoes Your Kids Will Actually Like

As winter starts to set in and the weather begins to get cooler and wetter, it's time to trade in your children’s summer uniforms and trade them in for their warm winter uniforms. And with that comes with a change of footwear too! 

That’s right, it's time to ditch your children’s sandals and pull out the enclosed uniform classics.

Read on, and we will show you our top five styles that are best suited for winter for your boys and girls.


  • Classic Lace-Ups



You can't go wrong with a classic pair of lace-ups, not only are they suitable for winter months, but year-round wear too! You can find these classic kids lace up shoes in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes. 

So whether you are searching for glossy black school shoes or matt finish kid school shoes, a smaller or taller heel option, these unisex styles can all be found at Everflex!

The beauty of these kids shoes is the fact that they aren’t limited to only boys or girls. Our lace up shoes are versatile enough for both boys and girls so there shouldn’t be any confusion when it comes to these lace up school shoe!

As you’d expect, these kids black school shoes are great for your children who have mastered tying their laces. If you are shopping for your little ones who aren’t as confident with boys school lace-ups, then we recommend opting for a touch-fastening option instead. 

However, our kids school lace-ups will exceed all your expectations, they feature a durable tread making these school shoes an easy to wear option.


  • Mary Jane Buckle Ups



This style is perfect for your little girls, these black school shoes scream a smart classic uniform look! Although mary jane styles are quite open with their laser cut out designs and secure ankle strap, they are one of our top picks for children’s junior girls school shoes.

Mary Jane school shoes are a style better suited for little grls; their open appearance can be quite deceiving. Although they may be an open design, they are a great option with winter uniforms. 

Pair this classic style with knee-high socks, ankle socks or even stockings, so, fear not, your daughters will always be covered and rugged up in these kids mary jane school shoes!

Find the right style for your kids mary jane in a matt or glossy finish and the buckle up ankle strap will keep your daughter's feet in place throughout the day. As opposed to a touch-fastening strap, you can be completely sure that mary jane shoes buckles will stay in place all day long. 

Find the perfect style for your daughter with our range of cutouts and decorations, have your daughter looking her best in these winter classic mary jane school shoes!


  • Lace-Up Trainers



Trainers are a great option for kids school shoes, however, keep in mind, these school shoes are better suited to institutions that don’t have strict uniform rules. So, if your child attends a school that allows some freedom when it comes to uniforms, then we reckon you should give these lace-ups a try! 

Since these school shoes have a flexible synthetic exterior, which makes these school shoes perfect for wet weather, your child’s feet will remain protected and dry in these lace-ups, unlike a soft fabricated school shoe.

Our lace-up trainers feature a sleek and shiny design and contain a neat look about them, making them a perfect option for the classroom! These school shoes feature flat soles that are fitted with grooves that improve the grip on these trainers. Give these trainers a try this season and we guarantee you won’t look back!


  • Touch-Fastening Trainers



Our touch-fastening trainers are the perfect fit for your little ones this winter! The touch-fastening straps as opposed to lace-ups will make theirs and your life a whole lot easier. Send your child off to school with a piece of mind knowing that your little one won’t be asking for help with their laces all day long!

These trainers feature a padded heel and additional padding around the ankles, making them the perfect brown school shoes for the classroom. These junior kids shoes come in classic black or crisp white. 

Making them a great option either for the classroom or even sports days and after-school sporting activities. These trainers are extremely lightweight and flexible and feature the soles and feel of popular brands trainer rather than a classic junior kids black shoe style.

Just like our lace-up trainers, these kids brown shoes feature a similar synthetic exterior making them the perfect option for winter’s wet weather. Their synthetic premium leather exterior will repel any raindrops that hit the school shoes and will keep your junior boys feet warm and dry all day long!


  • Boots



Now here is a style that is perfect for winter!

Our pull-on boots are a great option for the classroom, again, we recommend only considering these school shoes if your child’s institution doesn’t have strict rules on uniforms. However, if your child’s institution will allow it, then go for it! 

The beauty of our boots is their versatile design, making them a great option for both girls and boys and will also work for both casual and formal occasions, not just the classroom!

Our boots feature elastic side gussets for simplified shoe care slip-on wear and handy pull-tabs to pull these school shoes on and off seamlessly. Our boots feature a smooth leather-look finish and a rounded toe for added style. 

These ankle boots are built for supreme comfort, making them not only a warm and protected style for winter but also a comfy one!

Leather And Synthetic School Shoes


In true school shoe fashion, at Everflex we have a range of school shoes in both leather and synthetic options. So whether you are searching for hardwearing leather lace-ups or 100 per cent vegan-friendly senior black shoes, Everflex is your one-stop-shop!

There You Have It

As you put your child’s summer uniforms away for the term and pull out their winter ones, don’t forget about their school shoes! Head over to Everflex and find the perfect pair for winter. 

Check out our top five best junior black shoes for winter and we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more next winter too!