5 Things To Look For In A School Shoe!

Are you ready to get your kids the best school shoes around?

Here are five essential things to look for in your next style:

1) Comfort and support

Comfort is the one thing that you must prioritise with your child’s school shoes. Most kids only have a single pair of these at any given time, and that solitary set needs to survive eight hours a day, five days a week, and months of wear. If your child has uncomfortable school shoes, then their sore feet can stop them from paying attention in class and playing with friends during break times. Also, a poorly-supported style can lead to poor posture and development as they get older. 

So, make sure that your child has the proper support and comfort with Everflex school shoes!

2) Proper fastenings 

Are your child’s school shoes age-appropriate? At Everflex, we offer buckled, laced, pull-on, and touch-fastening styles to make sure that students of all ages stay secure. 

School shoes with touch-fastening tabs are aimed at our younger customers, as they may be struggling to tie laces independently. These simple and effective straps will stop slips, trips, and skinned knees during playtime. Likewise, buckled fastenings are also a big pick for children, as they are unlucky to come loose. 

Meanwhile, lace-up school shoes are the quintessential design for older students. The top ties can be changed to fit skinny or wide feet too, so they will maintain that all-important comfort!

3) Great prices

We all know how expensive shopping for students is from the outset, with booklists, stationery, and other stuff to buy. And, while you might be able to save by letting your kids grow into oversized uniforms, the same can’t be said for their school shoes. When play during recess and lunch isn’t wearing these down, your kids continually grow out of their new pairs. 

Everflex’s affordable school shoes will be a dream come true for your wallet this season. Our goal is to make sure that no family struggles to get school shoes for their kids, so we keep prices low and run promotions regularly! If you’re looking for inexpensive, high-quality items, then shop at Everflex. 

4) Versatility 

When most people think about school shoes, they tend to picture our classic black lace-up styles. However, Everflex has other fantastic designs that are sure to suit your child’s needs throughout the year.

Firstly, we have Mary-Jane school shoes and sandals. These are airy options for wear in spring and summer. Sweaty feet can smell, get blisters, and otherwise be uncomfortable for your kids. If your little student needs a style that can let their feet breathe, then Everflex can help! 

These summer school shoes may have an open style, but they still retain their enclosed toes. That means that your children will be allowed to play outside on the playground without getting penalised by any strict dress code rules. 

5) Excellent material 

At Everflex, our range includes leather and synthetic school shoes. And, while our vegan-friendly artificial styles are appealing for ethical reasons, both kinds have their advantages. 

Leather school shoes are considered a classic choice for the classroom, since their flexible material forms to their wearer’s foot shape. If comfort has been an ongoing issue for your children, then a soft leather finish may be the way to go.

However, synthetic styles are must-have for kids who roughhouse with their school shoes! These are harder to mark and have greater water resistance than leather, which means they should last longer. And, since synthetic school shoes aren’t as water-shy as leather, they can also get cleaned more easily. 

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