5 Things That are a Must in Any Good School Shoes!

Do you need to invest in a new pair of school shoes for your child? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. Our range of school shoes is perfect for every child to wear. We offer a wide range of styles and designs that suit everyone. We understand that shopping for a new pair of school shoes can be challenging at the best of times. 


Every parent needs the shopping process to be quick and easy, which the team at Everflex Shoe shop is professional at. So we have gathered a selection of five things that are a must-have in any good pair of colour black school shoes. 


We know that you will find the perfect kids' school shoes right here with us. The best thing about our range of kicks is that they are suitable for school & work. The kid's school shoes range is designed for boys and girls, unisex, leather, and vegan-friendly needs. The options are endless with our range! 


Fastening method 


Tip number one when shopping for a new pair of good school shoes is to look out for the type of fastening method. You will find that this feature is super necessary to determine the right pair of school shoes for your child. 


The fastening method will keep your child's feet safe and secure throughout the day. In addition, you will love what a pair of good school shoes can do for your child. They will feel supported, safe, and protected throughout the day of learning and play. We recommend investing in a pair of touch-fastening or lace-up school shoes for your child. 


These are the strongest fastening methods found in a set of kids' school shoes. These are super easy to wear and are breathable for every child's feet. You will love what these school shoes can do for your child. So why not try out STICK 2 for the next pair of school shoes you invest in. These are too good to resist! 


Outer material 


When you are shopping for a new pair of school shoes for your child, you will find that the outer material plays a big part in determining whether or not these shoes are suitable. You will love that a pair of school shoes can protect your child's feet with the simplest design. 


You will find that a sturdy outer material can protect your child's feet throughout the day of learning and play. In addition, we recommend investing in a pair of faux or real leather school shoes or a pair of padded kicks. These options will make your child's life a whole lot better. 


The outer material on these school shoes is thick, breathable, and flexible, which means that the footwear is perfect and can move with your child's feet rather than restrict them. We love how a pair of these school shoes for children can look and feel on their feet. The best thing about these kicks is the vegan-friendly and leather options available. It is a win-win in our eyes! 


Supportive sole 


One recommendation that we strongly advise you to look for when shopping for new school shoes is the sole. Unfortunately, we could not recommend this feature any more than we already do. 


Finding a pair of boys' school shoes with a supportive sole is necessary for your child's feet to stay comfortable and protected. You will love what a set of school shoes with supportive soles can do. We recommend investing in a pair of kicks with a thick chunky sole. You will find that this design can give your child a boost of height and a comfortable sole to walk on throughout the day. 


We also recommend investing in a pair of school shoes that provide plenty of tread and grooves for your feet. The tread can get found underneath the footwear in the shape of circles and hexagons printed on the sole. 


These shapes can help your child stay gripped to the floor when walking on a wet surface. In addition, the grooves on the school shoes look like indents in the sole. 


These act in a similar way to removing any substance underneath. These features ensure that your child will not slip over in their school shoes. You will find these kicks to be super beneficial! There is no need to look for a brand store that has limited opening hours, shop online with Everflex. 




We recommend looking for when shopping for school shoes is the colour. Every child loves to wear kicks they can feel confident in and express themselves. That is why we love having the freedom to choose school shoes that feature a fun and fashionable colourway.


However, you will find that majority of uniform guidelines require all-white or all-black school shoes. If your child's education institute does not need this rule, you will have the most fun shopping for new school shoes. There is a range of styles and designs to choose the right pair of kicks. 


You and your child will love the printed kicks or bright and colourful trainers. The printed kicks feature some favourite characters from TV shows and movies. 


If your child wears a pair of printed school shoes throughout the day of learning and play, you already know he will have a smile on his face all day long. 




Keep your school shoes in good shape with our range of accessories. You will find that accessories for your footwear are a must-have. We recommend investing a set of innersoles for your child's pair of school shoes. 


These innersoles can give your child's feet a boost of comfort and support all day long. In addition, you will find that innersoles can also prolong the lifespan of the footwear you purchased. 


There is nothing better than wearing school shoes with some added innersoles. We also encourage you to get your hands on some backup laces and socks for your lace-ups. You will never know when you need them the most, which means having backups is super beneficial. 


There is nothing worse than coming home to socks with holes in them and matted shoelaces. But, you will love keeping some accessories in your house!


Have you found the perfect pair of school shoes for your child?


If you are nodding yes, now is the perfect time to invest. We know that it is super hard to find the perfect school shoes. So head to the Everflex website to get your hands on a pair of new kicks today! Plus, you can enjoy many benefits and sales once you purchase and sign up from our brands' store. No matter what your current location is, you can order!