5 Girls School Shoe Styles

Let us take the struggle out of shopping for girls’ school shoes!

Explore Everflex’s top five picks down below, and get your child ready for the next semester sooner.

1. Say hello to our Mary-Jane sandals!

These gorgeous girls’ school shoes are a stylish alternative to your standard lace-up styles! Our Mary-Jane looks come with rounded toes, trendy cut-outs, and buckled straps over the top. Unlike other designs, your kids could wear this pair outside of school, since they’re easy to match with pretty prints and bright clothes. If your child is still sour about the fact that girls’ school shoes aren’t as vibrant or colourful, then Mary-Jane sandals should help lift their mood. We love these girls’ school shoes best during summer and spring, as kids can benefit the most from the additional air circulation.

2. Keep your child active with sneakers!

Do you need girls’ school shoes that can keep pace with your sporty child? Everflex has what you need this season! Our sneakers are durable, hard-wearing, and have excellent grip. Support and stability are paramount to an active design, and our girls’ school shoes deliver in that regard. The grooved grip and built-in cushioning will help your child move lightning-fast across different terrains. There’s nothing better for PE classes or after-hours sports practices— our girls’ school shoes will be a hit whenever and wherever! Also, the fashionable stitching and panelling up along the sides makes for a pretty cool look too. Our all-black and all-white sneakers may not be the most colourful designs around, but they are some of the best!

3. Try our trainers for your girls’ school shoes

If your children don’t have to jump through hoops to keep up with a stringent dress code, then our trainers could be cute. Girls’ school shoes of this sort have flat soles, as opposed to the active-ready tread of our sneakers. However, their lightweight and flexible feel more than compensate for the grip. Like our Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes, trainers can easily switch from a classroom pair to weekend ones, and there’s no shortage of how or where your kids can wear them. And, like our other styles, the glossy black finish will look neat and put-together under a uniform.

4. You’ll never go wrong with our regular girls’ school shoes

After all, you can’t mess with perfection! At Everflex, the majority of our girls’ school shoes are traditional, covered up, and round-toed pairs. Close your eyes and imagine students in a classroom, and you’ll probably see some of these of their feet. You’ll find several variations of these girls’ school shoes throughout our range, along with features including innersoles, high-shine material, and comfy padding around the ankles. Plus, the vast spread of sizes will make it easy to shop for kids of all ages. If you’re looking for styles that will last aeons and look great, then we can’t recommend these girls’ school shoes enough!

5. Styles with touch-fastening straps

Except for our trainers, you can find each of the previous styles with touch-fastening straps! If you’re buying girls’ school shoes for younger students, then you won’t want to pass these up. Touch-fastening bands are a fantastic pick for kids who are still learning to tie their laces. Instead of worrying about laces coming loose and making your child trip, you can trust our touch-fastening bands to stay secure. Besides, your kids will still be able to loosen or tighten the fit of your girls’ school shoes effortlessly.

So, which style will you try this season? 

Everflex has girls’ school shoes that you can depend on, so come and explore the range today!