5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Kids School Shoes

Are you buying a new pair of school shoes for your kids? Everflex is here to make your next shopping experience easier. Here are five common mistakes to avoid the next time you shop for your children:


Not Checking The Dress Code Requirements For Your Kids’ School Shoes!


Whether they’re strict or relaxed, most administrations have uniform rules that they expect students to follow. As such, you should always consult your child’s dress code before purchasing kids shoes. After all, the last thing that you want to do is spend your time and money on a brand-new set, only to have your child sent home with a warning or scolding note from their teacher. 


Given how many kinds of junior kids shoes we have available at Everflex, it’s also essential that you know which ones your child is allowed to wear. As you would expect, we have lace-up, buckle-up, and touch-fastening versions of our junior kids styles, which means students of all ages can get a design that suits their needs.


Most of our kids black shoes are traditional classroom styles with rounded toes, grooved soles, glossy material, and a sophisticated feel. However, we have plenty of alternative junior kids black shoe designs for students in 2021! Or Mary-Jane sandals, casual sneakers, and pull-on boots are popular kids shoes too.


Do you need to buy sportswear for your son or daughter this season? First, you should check what colours for an athletic shoe are allowed! Since many students aren’t allowed bright or colourful trainers, we have sporty comfortable durable shoes in all-black and all-white.


Double-check what kids sport shoes your children can wear, and you’ll never get caught out by dress codes!

Ignoring Slip-resistant Styles!


Are you buying lace up school shoe for a teenager?

Make sure you have a look at our slip-resistant range. These non-slip styles are the perfect pair because senior girls and boys can use them as your boys school shoes and workwear! In addition, they’ll blend in with conventional classroom designs with ease since the excellent safety features get built-in subtly.


Slip-resistant youth kids shoes offer non-slip grip on the soles and robust rubber outsoles, impervious to oil and other mess. These comfortable durable shoes also come with heel impact cushioning, flexible and padded innersoles, and arch support.


These fantastic styles will keep your children feeling great for hours and hours, whether it’s through a busy day of classes or on-the-job during a hectic work shift!


Forgetting The Name Of The Kids’ School Shoes You Buy!


After all, how else will you find your way back to your son or daughter’s trusted style? Did you know that lace up shoes from Everflex come in a massive collection of sizes?


It’s true!


Our collection of black school shoes includes twelve different sizes, which run from a size 8 (which will fit a toddler) to a size 6 (which fit adults). 


Essentially, that means that if you find a fantastic pair of black school shoes that your children love, then you can come back and buy them in larger styles until they outgrow the collection. But you won’t be able to do that if you can’t remember which kids sneakers you bought from Everflex! 


That’s why taking note of the style name is essential. Did you keep the box that your kids sneakers came in last time? We know that a lot of parents keep shoe boxes squirrelled away in the cupboard. Not only can you use them to store footwear in your child’s wardrobe that’s aren’t in use, but they’re also an easy, stackable storage container for other items.


If you have kept it, then the name of your black or brown school shoes should be written on the front end of the box. So, go and have a look! Was your last purchase made through our online store? The name of your kids’ shoes online gets included in your email confirmation.


Simply search for “Everflex” in the relevant inbox, find your receipt, and you should be in business!


Buying Oversized Styles Without Getting Innersoles!


Parents are always looking for ways to save money on their junior girls and boys shoes, and getting a pair that your children can grow into is a popular tactic. You can refer to size guides for that.


However, you must be careful about doing this, or it can end unfortunately for your children. It depends on how far you go, but your children’s feet will have excess room in oversized junior kids shoes. If you’ve only gone a size above what they need, the amount of space may not be drastic. 


But if you’ve given them that are two or more sizes above their current foot size, things can get trickier. If they’re slipping or sliding around in their pair of sport shoes, children are bound to get blisters and irritated skin from all the friction, and there’s a high chance that they’ll trip over and hurt themselves.


So, to reduce the risk of injuries, we recommend putting innersoles into your kids shoes. These handy foot care accessories will fill the space in your child’s pair of kids lace while they’re still growing into them. Not to mention, the cosy fabric or gel innersoles will also cushion their feet and provide hours of uninterrupted comfort.


Leaving It Until The Last Minute!


We know that life gets busy, but you should always aim to buy kids socks promptly. If you head into the holidays knowing that your children will need a new pair before the semester starts, then we recommend that you order something ASAP!


While Everflex does offer both standard and express shipping for orders, it’s still ideal to have extra time left to work with before your children head back into the classroom. After all, if you happen to order the wrong size for your child, you don’t want to be trying to organise a return or exchange boys school shoes the night before their first day back.


Are you waiting until your next payday to order? If a new set of tbar school shoes won’t work with your weekly budget, then place your order using Afterpay or Zip! That way, you can get a fresh set for your children when they need them and split the cost of your child’s new pair of mary jane shoes into manageable instalments.


We hope that helps!


Avoid these five mistakes, and shopping for kids’ school shoes at Everflex will be smooth sailing!