5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Picking School Shoes for Your Kids

School time is back (woohoo!), and a day full of relaxation, peace, quiet and kicking off your shoes looks like it is on the cards. First, however, your child needs a new pair of school shoes, so a trip to the shops is a priority. 


Shopping for school shoes can become a challenge due to the number of things to consider, and to ensure you get your child the best pair of school shoes for the year, it is necessary to consider the factors to count for before investing in some new styles of kicks. 


When parents go online shopping for kids school shoes, they can sometimes forget about these factors, resulting in a negative experience. However, finding the perfect pair of school shoes for your child is a necessary step to get them prepared for the year ahead. 


Everflex menu shop knows all too well the dos and don'ts of buying your child a new pair of school shoes. So we have gathered a list of five common mistakes worth avoiding when you purchase subscribe the new footwear for your kids. 


If you follow these tips, then we are sure that you and your child will be walking away with a smile on your dial and the perfect pair of school shoes on your feet. So take a read below to find out more!


1. Buying A Bigger Size


One common mistake that we see so many parents make is getting their kids a pair of school shoes two sizes too big. When shopping for school shoes, many parents believe that they should invest in some slightly longer kicks. 


This method is known as useful to ensure the pair of kicks last longer than usual. For some cases, this method may work for children, but the majority of the time, larger footwear cause more problems. If you buy your child a pair of school shoes that are too big for their feet, they may encounter issues when they walk. In addition, if their school shoes do not fit properly, it can alter their walk and result in a permanent change. 


No parent wants to see their child's walk turn weird, so make sure to invest in a pair of school shoes that fits their feet. If you have some hand-me-down school shoes that are a little too big for your child's feet, it is best to keep them tucked away in the cupboard until it is safe to wear them. 


Big school shoes will make things more difficult for your child rather than easier so, get your kids a pair of suitable school shoes to ensure they are happy and healthy all year long.


2. Not Bringing Your Child Along


Another mistake parents tend to make when shopping for school shoes is not taking their children with them. To all customer, creating a mistake is fine, but not with the shoe size of your kids. This step is necessary to make the right decision on what school shoes to buy at favourite fusion brands for your kids. 


There are many reasons why some parents choose not to bring their kids along for the shopping trip, and we understand completely. For example, some children may be young and therefore not have the best attention span. 


This issue can cause interruptions during the shopping experience, which can become stressful for both the parents and the child. Another reason why parents choose not to take their children along for the shopping experience is they think they know the right size and style of school shoes to buy. 


This method can work in some cases; however, some children may have outgrown their current footwear size and need to be measured again in store. This issue cannot happen if they do not go with their parents on the shopping trip. 


Measure your child's feet in-store can be very beneficial as it provides an accurate indication of what size school shoes they will need. However, your child may also not like the style of school shoes you choose to close checkout for them using your account email as their sense of fashion has changed. 


Therefore, it is necessary to let your child come along for the shopping trip so you can both get the most out of your experience. 


3. Expecting The Shoes To Last All Year


Parents can become so used to their child's current school shoe size that they forget that their child will eventually continue to grow and change sizes. This issue then leads to parents believing that the new pair of school shoes that they purchase at the start of the year will last until the end of the year. 


This issue can become problematic throughout the year as parents will receive a shock when they purchase a new pair of school shoes mid-year. Therefore, parents should head into the school shoes shopping experience knowing that the footwear may not last all year. 


Children's feet tend to grow quite quickly and suddenly, so take the safe option and invest in a more affordable pair of school shoes if you believe your child will encounter a few growth spurts throughout the year. 


4. Ignoring Uniform Guidelines


A common mistake amongst parents is buying a pair of school shoes that do not match the uniform guidelines. Unfortunately, this issue can quickly become problematic for both the parent and the child once the term starts. 


Some parents choose to faster checkout their child a pair of school shoes that looks similar to the correct type; in hopes that they can blend in with the uniform. Unfortunately, some uniform guidelines are strict, and therefore leave parents with no wiggle room to invest in some different school shoes. 


If your child's uniform guidelines are quite relaxed, you can invest in any style of school shoes you like. This process allows you and your child to explore your creative sides and add a fun footwear style to their uniform. Printed sneakers are typically a crowd favourite amongst gender boys.  


5. Not Investing In Any Accessories


A mistake that many parents make is that they do not invest in accessories. However, school shoes require much love and care throughout the year, so having some accessories on standby is beneficial. For example, if your child has a pair of lace-up school shoes, keeping some spare laces in the cupboard will be very handy. 


Along with spare laces, investing in some extra pairs of socks from a top online shopping store will also be helpful. Finally, if your child's feet become uncomfortable when wearing their school shoes, you can place some innersoles on the inside of the footwear.   


These add an extra layer of comfort so your child can get some more wear out of their school shoes throughout the year. Customer, creating an account is a nice idea.    


Are You Feeling Inspired?


Have our five common tips on what not to do when purchasing new school shoes inspired you? If you are nodding yes, then that is amazing news. Finally, you will feel ready to hop in the car with your kids and head straight to the brands shop. 


We know you will walk out of there feeling prepared for the year ahead and satisfied with your first purchase for your kids! Enjoy amazing rewards, exclusive offers and many benefits. Be our new customer and continue shopping with us!