5 Boys School Shoes Styles

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Our expansive range has something for students of all ages. We’re bringing five essential boys’ school shoes to your attention today, in the hopes that you find the best match for your kids.

1. Classics

Give our glossy boys’ school shoes a try! We’re starting this list off with our most-loved style. If you need a traditional pair to carry your kids through the next semester, then these will work a treat. Boys’ school shoes of this sort come with rounded toes, low-cut ankles, high-shine material, and a choice of touch-fastening straps or laced uppers. Not only are they the ideal classroom footwear, but they can hold their own during recess and lunch too! Our boys’ school shoes get fitted with grooved soles, so kids can run, jump, race, and play without slipping or sliding.

2. Boots

Have you considered grabbing some of these? While these are a less common option for boys’ school shoes these days, boots still have their strengths and benefits. For starters, thanks to the higher-cut and extra coverage, they provide more protection than traditional styles. As such, we think they make excellent boys’ school shoes during autumn and winter. The elasticized side panels are also a handy feature. The stretchy gussets allow kids to slip their feet in or out speedily, as opposed to a long struggle with laces. Also, our boots have the same sleek black finish as our other boys’ school shoes. We know your kids will love wearing these in the playground and in the classroom too!

3. Sneakers

Do your kids need something active? Check out our sneakers! A lot of people forget to grab active boys’ school shoes for the new semester. If your child has outgrown their other footwear, then you should be getting them new activewear as well. After all, these boys’ school shoes get used in high-energy activities. You don’t want to risk too-tight sneakers causing injuries or pain when your kids should be having fun! At Everflex, our sneakers are aerodynamic, supportive, and speedy on the tracks and the courts. Also, the all-white and all-black variations have a stylish retro feel.

4. Sandals 

Sandals make amazing boys’ school shoes for spring and summer! The range of options here is a little more limited than our other designs, but we think they’re still worth mentioning. We love the touch-fastening tabs on these sandals and the airy feel. Your little one could wear these boys’ school shoes on the weekends, whether you take them on a trip to the park or go and cool off by the beach. Besides, you'll have no trouble getting the sand out of these boys’ school shoes!

5. Trainers

Finally, let your kids chill out with our trainers! If your kids don’t have to conform to a super-strict dress code, then our trainers will be amazing boys’ school shoes. The shiny black material has all the class of a traditional style, while the shape gives these a sporty feel. Your kids will love wearing these boys’ school shoes whenever and wherever. If your child turns their nose up at standard styles, then we highly recommend taking trainers home instead. At the very least, your child will get to enjoy the soft and flexible material on our boys’ school shoes.

We hope that helps! 

Which of these five boys’ school shoes caught your attention? Head over to our online store if you want to check out some of these styles in more detail. Each of our products has information, images, and detailed descriptions that can give you a better idea of what you’d be buying. For the best boys’ school shoes of the season, shop at Everflex!