2021 School Shoe Styles Even The Kids Will Love!

Searching for school shoes that your kids will love? Make Everflex your first stop to shop this season, and you’re sure to be successful! Our excellent collection of traditional school shoes, sportswear, and other styles will tick all the boxes in 2021. Students who get to wear our footwear this season won’t want anything else! 

Today, we’re going to talk you through our favourite designs and what makes them such a hit with students. Now, let’s begin!


What makes Everflex school shoes such a popular pick with kids? 


Firstly, we design all of our footwear with the best comfort in mind. Kids spend countless hours in school shoes every year, and that means they deserve the best fit, comfort, and look from their pair! Our range of designs includes touch-fastening, buckled, and lace-up styles, which means kids can expect an adjustable fit and customisable comfort. 

On top of that, Everflex also designs school shoes with features such as built-in arch support, shock-absorbing bases, grooved soles for grip, ankle padding for comfort, and breathable material. 

With all those features in place to keep your children feeling their best, it’s clear why students love spending their week in our footwear! If your kids love their school shoes and don’t want to change styles, then getting them their favourite pair in a bigger size will be a breeze too. Since our designs each come in a decent collection of sizes, it’s easy to shop for the same style year-in and year-out. 

Who wouldn’t love school shoes with reliable comfort that they can come back to again and again? 


The girls all love Mary-Jane sandals!


Get the most stylish school shoes for your daughter this season. While we can’t complain too much about classic classroom styles, we know that not all kids love wearing the same styles every year. So, let’s shake things up with a fashionable pair of school shoes! 

Mary-Jane sandals have made a huge comeback in the last few years, and we’re glad to see them getting the love they deserve. Since school shoes in this style have enclosed toes, they shouldn’t be a problem with teachers, and they’ll be welcome outside on the playground or oval. We have a few different versions of these sandals, such as ones with fun laser-cut patterns, and others with extra glossy material. 

Our Mary-Jane school shoes are such a popular pick with girls of all ages. We also have age-appropriate pairs with different fastenings, including touch-fastening and buckle-up pairs. While Everflex’s adorable sandals are a prime pick during summer and spring, they’re as trans-seasonal as any of our other styles. 

Our school shoes might have an open-topped design, but uniform socks or stockings/tights will keep the cold out easily. Plus, the additional airflow will keep kids from sweating too much when they’re stuck in a stuffy classroom with the heater turned up! 


Let your kids have some say about their school shoes!


If you’re worried about picking the wrong pair or don’t want to hear complaints about the style you’ve bought your child, then one easy way to avoid that is to let your child make the final choice. 

When you first browse the Everflex collection, comb through our school shoes at your leisure and see what stands out. If you’re looking for a specific material type (leather or vegan-friendly synthetic etc.), or styles that are reasonably priced, then you can use our helpful search filters to narrow down your results. 

Tick the boxes on the left-hand side until you’ve filled them in to suit your ideal parameters for school shoes. Once the page refreshes, you’ll be able to see the pairs that meet your specifications. At that point, you can call your child to have a look at the school shoes for themselves. 

You’ll still be able to stick to your shopping budget, and your kid will feel good about getting to pick their style. It’s an easy compromise, a quick way to ensure that your children love their new school shoes, and a scenario where everyone wins out! 


Are you shopping for a teenager? 


Choose slip-resistant school shoes! With our non-slip styles on their feet, your teen will feel ready to face whatever the week has in store. During this time in their lives, many students start looking for and taking on casual work for the first time. As a parent, the best way you can support them through their first job (other than offering wise or encouraging words) is to provide them with school shoes that can double as a work style. 

As far as our style's aesthetic goes, they’re an easy match with uniforms for retail and hospitality work. You can’t go wrong giving your son or daughter shiny leather-look school shoes with a naturally sophisticated feel. The best part about our slip-resistant style is that they also come with all the safety features your kids could use from work footwear. 

Everflex’s most durable school shoes have non-marking material, cushioned innersoles, arch support, and slip-resistant soles for stability on slippery surfaces. There’s nothing that our work-safe footwear can’t handle! With our non-slip school shoes to keep students safe, your kids can last through a long day of lessons and still be confident about their comfort when they head to work! 


Do your children want vegan-friendly school shoes?


We make shopping for environmentally-friendly footwear easy and affordable at Everflex. The world is always looking toward more sustainable fashion alternatives, vegan-friendly clothing, and other items continue to crop up. It should be no surprise that school shoes are following suit. 

At Everflex, we have a mix of leather and synthetic styles, so the choice is always up to our customers! We label our school shoes with a banner (or has the material information on display in its description) so that you always know what you’re buying. Apart from being the vegan-friendly option, synthetic material has a bunch of other benefits.

While these school shoes look identical to real leather, their artificial fabric has extra resistance to scuffs and marks, as well as damage from water, oil, and other mess. As you can imagine, durable material is a massive bonus, since this pair will be a go-to for five busy days a week until students outgrow them. 

Did we mention that they’re also extremely affordable? When you shop at Everflex, the price difference between leather and synthetic styles is almost non-existent, so buying vegan won’t break the bank!


Have we convinced you to try Everflex?


Your kids will feel ready to face all the challenges of 2021 with our school shoes on their feet. With low prices and excellent designs waiting for you on our shelves, there’s no reason to hesitate. Come on over to our website and have a scroll through our latest shoe styles at your leisure. Once you spot something great, add it to your shopping cart, and place your order!


Everflex’s awesome online team will get them to you in no time!