Work in hospitality? These School Shoes Double as the Perfect Work Shoe!

Are you part of the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is a big umbrella of businesses to provide guests with services. So, for example, we at Everflex have a huge range of girls' and boys' school shoes to suit every uniform.


So whether you're after primary school shoes or high school shoes, leather school shoes, or sports school shoes, we have you covered when it comes to black school shoes. If you work in this industry, you are most likely working in hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and theme parks, among others.


Top brands shoes are the school shoes that you need to add to your shopping cart, especially black school shoes. A big chunk of your work day will require you to face people, whether co-workers or customers and families. You will be walking from one place or another and standing most of the time.


So whether they're heading back to school or getting ready for their first day, make sure they're comfy and protected with a wide range of school shoes for girls and boys. With that said, we at Everflex would like to share different options for footwear that you can wear to work with you.


So, head on to the nearest store and choose this brand of shoe that is easy and ready to wear all the time. The most important considerations are comfort and stability. In addition, it gives feet protects and covers your feet from any harmful elements.


We also have slip-resistant school shoes, a handy characteristic for someone who has to go around a lot to provide service. Is your cart empty? Then add these top brands of shoes to your shopping cart and collect your black school shoes for boys, girls, and toddlers that perfectly fit your school uniform.


For your convenience, you can visit our website by using your account. First, sign in to your account, then click clear filter categories; you can choose the brand, style, gender, and price. You can also place your order on our website and get your order number to check the status of your items.


Your order number will be sent back to them once you pick up items or delivery them. We don't want you slipping and tripping and having unnecessary falls and trips that could derail you from doing your job. So let us help you choose the perfect Everflex school shoes fit for fulfilling a physical day in the hospitality industry.




All the available Everflex slip-resistant school shoes for women are black because black shoes are the institution's recommended school shoes for children, especially for girls.


Our two styles are laced-up and non-laced.


Each style of school shoes has a specific target audience.


If you work in the hospitality industry, please choose the laced-up style.

The features of this footwear include:


  • Oil-resistant outsole.
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  • Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort.


If you live an active lifestyle beyond your workplace, may we suggest you change your footwear to the second style of Everflex school shoes?


Our non-laced slip-resistant footwear is for anyone who wants to stay active and ready to tackle all terrain.


All the slip-resistant women's school shoes come in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. If unsure of your Everflex size, please refer to our size guide, which compares your size to its US, UK, and EU counterparts. Knowing your size in any of the three makes it easier to determine your Everflex size.




All the available Everflex slip-resistant school shoes for men are of the laced-up kind and are only available in black. Like its counterpart in the women's category, the laced-up school shoes for men are for the hospitality industry. Therefore, they have the same features we mentioned.


The Everflex men's slip-resistant school shoes come in the following sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. The size guide can also be seen in clear filter categories. If you want it to fit physically visit our shop or store, the store opening hours start early. Our store opening hours are posted on our site.


You might require special care, such as cushions and innersoles, due to the nature of your job. All of these, including quick shine, are available to purchase in our shoe care section.


Vegan-friendly Footwear


When you check our slip-resistant school shoes, you'll notice that they are vegan-friendly and made of synthetic materials. But you may ask, "What are vegan-friendly school shoes?" The production of this footwear did not use animal products.


In addition, it excluded items that underwent animal testing. Vegan-friendly school shoes offer an alternative to leather that benefits the environment and inhabitants. They leave a minimal carbon footprint, while their leather counterparts pollute and leave a large carbon footprint.


The Significance of Buying Slip-Resistant School Shoes 


People in the hospitality industry aim to provide the best service imaginable. They run under a time constraint and would need to move faster than usual. If they are constantly brisk walking and running, they need to have school shoes that would protect them from accidental falls.


We at Everflex value you and how you ensure you provide your customers with the best. Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last.


To convince you of how essential slip-resistant school shoes are, here are some fatal work injuries you can get from accidental slips and trips.


  1. Back injury.


Wearing footwear specific to the hospitality industry will prevent trips and falls, the most typical cause of back injuries. Unfortunately, some of these back injuries lead to spinal surgery. So please, do yourself a favour and get a pair from Everflex.


  1. Head injury.


One tragic mishap can result in a head injury, which, in adverse circumstances, could cause irreversible brain damage or paralysis. Please protect yourself from this fatality with your school shoes from Everflex.


  1. Hip fracture.


We know how much you treasure your independence, which a hip fracture puts at risk. It may take some time for this injury to heal, and you might need help getting around while it does.


We know all these sound serious and scary, but we want to inform you of the possibilities if you don't choose school shoes suitable for the hospitality industry. Children spend most of their weekdays in school shoes, so they must be durable, sturdy, supportive, and made from quality materials.


You will require time off if you suffer these injuries from workplace accidents like falling. Recovery can take days, even months, depending on the severity. And we at Everflex don't want that to happen, so we made sure all school shoes are of top quality and would provide you super support and protection.


How Do You Know It's Time to Replace Your School Shoes?


  1. Constantly check the outsoles.


Outsoles are for slip-resistant school shoes, as tires are for cars.

Like tires, you need to constantly check how worn your outsoles are because they are responsible for bringing you from one point to another.

They are responsible for the stability and grip of your school shoes.

If they don't function like they used to, it's time to get a new pair.


  1. Keep your footwear's mouth shut.


When the outsole of your school shoes starts to separate from the upper, your footwear is about to start "talking." Naturally, you don't want that to happen. When your school shoes are on their way to "talking," you must replace them because they can be dangerous and cause accidents in a fast-paced environment like in hospitality.


3.No holes in the soles.


Ensure that your soles don't have any holes in them. Whether small or big holes, these can trigger an unsafe situation and may lead to an accident.

We at Everflex suggest that you replace them with another pair of our slip-resistant school shoes.


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The hospitality industry runs like a well-oiled machine because of employees like you. So, please do yourself a favour and grab a pair now! Your children's school shoes are one of the most important shoes you'll ever buy.


Head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you! Collect these brand shoes at Everflex and find school shoes you can count on.


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