Work in Hospitality? Then Non-Slip Shoes Are a Must!

Wearing the correct footwear for hospitality work is critical. The demands of your job require you to spend extended hours on your feet, not only once but all your workdays. You also get exposed to different elements like oil, water, spillage, groups of people, and slippery floors.

To remain safe despite all these factors is a must, and you can do that with help from Everflex non-slip shoes.

Unlike your usual footwear of sneakers, heels, or women's flats, non-slip work shoes have unique features and characteristics that protect you while working. Discover the relevance of wearing these shoes for hospitality work with help from the Everflex team. 

The brand has provided slip-resistant shoes for years and knows their ins and outs. Please read on if you want to know why you should get one!


1. For Safety

Safety is why non-slip work shoes are a must for hospitality workers. People working in hospitality, like restaurants, hotels, and theme parks, provide services in environments that can be slippery. 

Food, water, and oil spillage can cause a domino effect of accidents. 

Accidents are a serious matter, so prevent them with non-slip work shoes. Everflex slip resistance shoes have a slip-resistant sole that creates friction against slippery surfaces. When you flip them, you'll notice grooves or treads in shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles. 

They provide traction in non-slip work shoes, letting fluids flow through so you will not fall. Falls can lead to severe injuries, including sprains, fractures, head injuries, and paralysis. Apart from slippery surfaces, hospitality crews also deal with groups of people. 

Hotel employees must lift luggage and get around people checking in, forcing them to move sideways, laterally, or zigzag. Sudden stops and direction changes can cause accidents; worse, you can twist your ankles. 

Thankfully, the Everflex non-slip work shoes have a commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsole that ensures you're safe as you navigate people.


2. For Productivity

Wearing resistant work shoes will allow you to move around comfortably and efficiently. Consumers expect timely provision of services, which you can achieve with more confidence and less caution while navigating various surfaces.

If you work in the kitchen, you will always deal with scalding hot oil. Aside from being slippery, oil can burn your skin. The excellent thing about Everflex non-slip work shoes is their oil-resistant outsoles. 

This feature ensures you remain stable when the floor is oily and prevents hot oil from seeping through the material of your resistant work shoes. Knowing you're safe, you can focus on your tasks instead of worrying about accidents. 

And since you are no longer distracted, you can give 100 per cent in excellent customer service.


3. For Cost-Effectiveness

The Everflex collection of non-slip work shoes costs $50+, but this price is way more affordable than paying hospital bills and treatment. Preventing workplace accidents can reduce your financial burden and the possibility of taking time off work. 

The accident's severity will dictate the treatment and how long you need to do it. The best way to avoid it is to wear a pair of Everflex non-slip work shoes. Besides having reasonably priced footwear, Everflex has flexible payment systems, a treat for shoppers!

The system allows you to purchase your non-slip sandals now and pay for them in instalments later. And if you decide to shop online, you can further reduce the price with discount coupons and vouchers. How great is that?


4. For Comfort 

Standing on your feet for hours, moving around, and rushing to meet demands will take a toll on you, affecting other body parts. If you keep experiencing this daily, it will affect your health and well-being. Reduce fatigue with the help of Everflex non-slip work shoes.

The brand ensures the footwear has features to keep the wearer comfortable and satisfied. Non-slip work shoes have heel impact cushioning and a flexible and padded innersole that removes the strain from every step and has impeccable durability. Stop the pain from travelling upward and affecting your joints and other body parts.


5. For Professionalism

The developed design of the Everflex slip-resistant shoes is appropriate for the hospitality industry. It's available in black, has rounded toes for comfort, and comes with fastenings that secure and provide adjustability. 

Most workplaces in the sector require slip-resistant shoes to ensure everyone's safety and adhere to protocols. Following the uniform requirements speaks about how seriously you take your job. 

Wearing slip-resistant shoes conveys that you want to keep yourself and others safe so everyone can do their job well. Showing up at work looking professional will reflect on the business. 


6. For Well-being

Non-slip shoes contribute to the well-being and job satisfaction of hospitality workers. When they feel safe in their work environment, they are content and will not have any plans to leave. Stress comes with the job, but hazards are a different thing to deal with. Not feeling safe is a reason for concern and worry, which we all want to avoid.


How to Care for Your Non-Slip Work Shoes

Your slip-resistant shoes deserve equal care. After all, they ensure you do well at work. These easy steps can serve you and make your hospitality work more bearable.


  • Clean the footwear after use. Wipe away the water, oil, and other fluids that can harm the material if they stay too long. 

  • Clean any dirt or debris from your slip-resistant shoes to maintain their traction.

  • Your footwear will get wet because of its exposure to different fluids. Moisture can cause bacterial and fungal buildup, so it's best to dry it correctly. 

  • It is best to allow trainers to air dry naturally while keeping them away from direct heat sources such as the sun and radiator heaters.

  • Storage keeps your slip-resistant shoes from collecting floating dust. Use a shoe closet or bags.


Why Shop at Everflex?

Several brands, like New Balance, offer slip-resistant shoes, but Everflex tops them all. We mentioned the five features that make the brand's footwear unparalleled. Then there are the flexible payment systems, too. Sign up for our email list.

If this is your initial purchase, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the regular price. We offer a variety of daily special offers, deals, and promotions on our broad selection of styles. Simply search the wide range on our online catalogue pages to check for product availability.

And because Everflex has everything you need, you can purchase cushions and innersoles for more comfort! 

Make your hospitality work safer with Everflex! Head to the nearest retailer or online store and grab one now!