Why Non-Slip Shoes Are A Must In Hospitality

Hospitality sees their workers work in some tough conditions, you are constantly on your feet moving around from table to table and through to kitchen and bar, there is barely a minute to sit still and rest.


Apart from the continuous movement, it’s a workplace that also sees quite a few hazards, so it's important to keep yourself protected in the workplace, whatever hospitality environment you are working in. 


That’s why we cannot express enough how important it is to pick up a pair of non-slip casual shoe for work.


If you work in an environment where you spend a whole lot of time on your feet, whether it's walking or standing for long periods, or even some heavy lifting, it's extremely important to invest in a pair of slip resistant work shoes.


Everflex’s Non-Slip Shoes Are Perfect For Hospo Workers 


At Everflex we have a range of slip resistant shoe that are perfect for hospitality workers, our slip on shoes is made to suit these types of work environments.


Not only will your slip resistant footwear keep your feet protected, but it will also assist with keeping you secure and balanced all shift long. Wearing the wrong safety shoes to work will only cause accidents, slips, sores, aches and pains and fatigues.


As you can imagine having a fall or accident at work can be embarrassing but also severe, so if it’s something that can be avoided by just wearing the correct non-slip work shoe, then it’s entirely important to do so.


We have a range of slip resistant shoes that are suitable for men and women in workplaces in hospitality or retail.


So if you work in hotels, cafes or restaurants, then head on over to Everflex and take a look at our range of the best comfort casual shoes for work!


What Are Non-Slip Shoes?


Water resistant shoes are essentially a type of footwear that boasts safety, and as you can gather from the name, men and womens slip resistant shoes are designed to prevent any slips or falls on wet, oily, greasy or any other slippery surface.


The main difference between normal comfort slip footwear soles and comfort work shoes is the slip-resistant soles that are made from a particular rubber that provides better grip and traction.


So some safety features to look out for when shopping for comfort shoes is durability, anti-skid soles, shock absorption and support.


The Ideal Non-Slip Shoes For Work


Aside from this men and womens non slip shoes preventing slips and falls, what are some key components you should look out for when shopping for comfort casual shoes?


Since you are spending a whole lot of time on your feet, it’s important to choose a unisex leather style that you find comfortable and supportive. Here are several key points that set our non-slip shoes apart from the rest on the market.


Below are some features that set our comfortable leather shoes apart from the rest:

  • A casual lace-up or fit slip-on design
  • Smooth all-back features
  • Sleek men and womens classic designs
  • Rounded toes for adequate comfort
  • Synthetic fabrics, making them a 100% entirely vegan-friendly option
  • Oil resistant outsole
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole
  • Heel impact cushioning womens memory foam for shock absorption and support
  • Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort


Whether you are a chef, barista, waiter or waitress, it's essential to have the right supportive shoes for crews in your industry, and, that’s why we are here to assist!


Whatever industry you work in, if you are spending hours on end on your feet then you can be sure that investing in the right machine washable footwear will make your time while clocked in a whole lot more pleasant and comfortable!


The beauty of our fashion sneakers is their stylish designs; you can find the perfect comfort casual style in a classic womens lace-up or mens slip resistant trainer style, which can both be worn with your work slacks.


Our hospitality footwear range in unisex styles that are suitable for both mens shoes and women however you choose to style these non-slip unisex leather shoes, you can guarantee that you will look equally smart and stylish!


For The Ladies…


For the women searching for womens slip on shoes for work, give our slip-on trainers a try! Effortlessly pair them with skirts and tights, or slim legged work pants.


These trainer shoes for womens are sleek in appearance however holds a sporty feel about them making them the perfect footwear to run around in athletic shoe!


For The Guys…


Similarly, for guys searching for some mens slip-on  for work, you can’t go past our classic lace-up steel toe cap! You will have no trouble at all pairing these shoes with mens memory foam with a shirt and slacks.


These steel toe feature a classic and sleek lace-up design that will look professional for the workplace, all the while feeling comfortable throughout a long shift.


You can have a piece of mind knowing that your mens running shoes are designed to protect you all day long and prevent any injuries from spending long hours on your feet!


Be comfortable from your toes up in these mens running shoes  and with the additional orthotic arch support, you can rest assured knowing that your footwear will not be the cause of any sore feet!


What Makes Our Non-Slip Shoes The Best In Their Range?


With those key points in mind, that’s why we believe Everflex’s range of non-slip shoes is the best in their range.


Shop Everflex’s range and find the perfect men and womens shoes pair for your workplace that will keep you supported, stable and upright all shift long! And best of all is its extremely affordable price tag!


You Had Us At Affordable Prices!


All of our memory workshift non-slip shoes are priced affordably, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a work uniform!


We get it, the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on footwear or uniforms for work, and that’s why Everflex’s range of non-slip relaxed fit shoes are incredibly affordable.


With prices sitting just slightly over $50 for protective electrical hazard footwear, it’s easy to see why more and more workers are purchasing their casual shoe non-slip shoes for work from Everflex.


Have We Convinced You Yet?


If you don’t have a pair of non-slip black leather shoes for your hospitality workplace, then you should get yourself a pair quickly! Make your way over to Everflex and find a pair of non-slip shoes that will keep you protected long after your shift has ended.