What You Need To Know When Buying School Shoes From Everflex!


Are you considering shopping for kids’ school shoes at Everflex in 2020? We’re an excellent choice, and we can prove it! Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to shop with us this season:




1)      Everflex has every type of kids’ school shoes that you could want




Are you familiar with the Everflex collection? If not, then let us explain! Firstly, we have an enormous selection of kids’ school shoes, with everything from typical uniform pairs to sneakers and sports styles represented in our range. There are lace-up styles for older students, touch-fastening footwear for the little ones, and a handful of buckled and pull-on designs too. Boots, Mary-Janes sandals, trainers, and classic kids’ school shoes all have their place on our shelves, which means you can get your children sorted for every season, setting, and situation. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to shop for sportswear and classroom-ready designs from the one place? 




2)      There are sizes for all ages




Kids’ school shoes start at teeny-tiny Toddler sizes and end at Preteen ones, after which they can switch directly into the adult collection. As such, each unique design can cater to an expansive age range, and your child’s favourite style can keep pace as they continue to grow. If you often get frustrated by a lack of kids’ school shoes in your child’s size, then the Everflex range will be a breath of fresh air! 




3)      Our synthetic styles are vegan-friendly 




Does material matter to you or your children? At Everflex, kids’ school shoes can be leather, artificial, or be a combination of both materials. Our vegan-friendly designs are leading favourites with customers. Not only are the cost of these kids’ school shoes less expensive than many offered from other vegan-friendly footwear retailers, but they’re also excellent quality! Synthetic designs are more durable and water-resistant than leather styles. Cleaning these kids’ school shoes is more straightforward, and marking or scuffing them is also more difficult. Are you still you’re worried about the look? You should know that synthetic kids’ school shoes are impossible to tell apart from our leather ones at a glance. Browsing for styles by their material type is simple on the Everflex website, as we have categories devoted to each on the main page. We also highlight the material type in each the descriptions of all of our kids’ school shoes. 




4)      We have flexible payment options




Did you know that Everflex offers customers the opportunity to buy kids’ school shoes with an Afterpay or Zip account? Budgeting can be troublesome during the pre-semester shopping season, especially with all of those long stationary lists! However, when you suddenly add a new kids’ school shoes into the mix, things can start getting messy! That’s why at Everflex, we offer these flexible repayments so you can get new styles when you need them instead of waiting until your next paycheck! Purchase kids’ school shoes with Afterpay or Zip, we’ll send your order out as usual, and you can split the full cost into a few easy instalments over the next few weeks. That’s one more way that shopping with Everflex can save you from stress this season! 




5)      Our kids’ school shoes are amazingly affordable




While flexible repayment options like Afterpay and Zip are alluring offers, you should know that our starting prices are low anyway. We always aim to strike a balancing between affordable kids’ school shoes and high-quality material, and you can see that in our range! 




So, why wouldn’t you choose Everflex for your next shopping trip?




Get your kids’ school shoes from us and enjoy the impressive range of sizes and styles, different materials, affordable prices, and flexible payment options. Visit Everflex today to find the best pair for your child in 2020!