What Are School Shoes Made Of?

Have disappointing school shoes made you into a sceptical shopper?

Everflex has designs that we know you will love. We aim to help students get through their studies in the most enduring and comfy styles around, and that's where we excel! 

We make pairs that last 

There’s nothing more upsetting or more aggravating than school shoes that wear out in a few weeks. You have to replace pairs that kids have outgrown. Why should you have to pay to substitute substandard styles as well? Affordable and high-quality products are what we’re all about at Everflex. There are several unique features at work that combine to create an ideal style. Are you eager to find out what makes Everflex school shoes such a desirable choice? Well, keep reading!

1. The material

Our school shoes come in leather or synthetic material, or a mixture of both. Synthetic fabrics have excellent water and mark resistance. School shoes made with this material are a popular choice for students who want to avoid scuff marks on their footwear. They’re lightweight, so they feel great on your feet. Leather school shoes have the advantage of a flexible feel, better air circulation, and more malleable comfort. The choice you make about the material will affect your overall experience wearing them, so consider the sort of elements and benefits that you want your school shoes to highlight. 

2. The soles

As the base that the wearer stands on, the soles of school shoes are important to comfort, support, and movement.

Our sneakers and trainers have excellent bases 

Take a look at the bottom of these sporty styles, and you’ll see that they mean serious business. Our sport-orientated school shoes come with soles that have grooves for traction and grip. Your kids can run around courts, grassy ovals, and gyms in these, no problem! The tread allows for precise and sudden movements on dozens of different surfaces, so they’re an easy pick for action-packed games and fast-paced activities. When it comes to activewear, these school shoes are made perfect!

Traditional school shoes can also have a sole advantage

Once again, you’ll be able to spot the difference between a casual or active-ready sole effortlessly, whether you’re online or in a store. These school shoes may be classroom-orientated, but a proper tread can make playtime outside more fun, and help keep feet supported during the day. And, if your kids are the sort that never walks when they can run, then we highly recommend school shoes with better traction. It's hard to go wrong when the benefits are so obvious!

3. The fastenings

Everflex provides school shoes with buckles, laces, and touch-fastening straps. All of these fastenings get designed for a different audience, but they are all changeable for a more secure and comfortable fit. 

School shoes with laces are our most popular with preteens, teens, and adults. If you’re old enough to tie shoelaces unassisted, then you’re expected to be in a pair that lace-up. On the other hand, you’ll find designs for younger students are either buckled or touch-fastening styles. These are less fiddly than laces and are more straightforward for kids to do up independently. While the fastenings seem like a minor detail on school shoes, they have a significant impact on the ease of wear and comfort, so remember to weigh up your options!

Have we got your tick of approval?

If you still have your doubts about our school shoes, then have a look for yourself! We’re sure you’ll come to appreciate the many elements that make Everflex footwear so fantastic. See what wonders our collection holds today!