What Are Everflex Shoes? Here’s A Bit About The Brand!

Are you new to shopping with Everflex?

Kids’ school shoes make up one of our major style categories, but we’ve certainly got more on offer. If you’re interested in learning the ins-and-outs of our brand, then keep reading! In the modern retailer word, there are so many brands to choose from, so it’s fair that customers know more about the people behind their kids’ school shoes. Down below, we cover information about the kinds of footwear that Everflex has on offer (particularly our kids’ school shoes), as well as details about our brand and our team. Now, let’s get to it!

What products can you find at Everflex?

Kids’ school shoes may be of our leading looks, but we also offer corporate footwear, slip-resistant designs, and accessories including innersoles, laces, and socks. Anyone interested in classic designs at affordable prices should browse our range for their next set of hard-wearing work footwear or long-lasting kids’ school shoes.

What sort of material does Everflex use? 

Take a look at our kids’ school shoes or our other designs, and you’ll spot our ‘vegan-friendly’ options almost immediately. At Everflex, we offer customers the choice of leather or synthetic styles, and combinations of both. The different materials have unique strengths and benefits. For instance, kids’ school shoes made entirely with synthetic products will be more resistant to water, difficult to mark and scuff, and easier to clean than leather. Providing these options gives our customers the chance to choose the elements they want their new pair to emulate. Ordinarily, vegan products are more expensive than ones made using animal-based materials. As such, our low prices make kids’ school shoes an attractive option. 

Where can you find Everflex’s kids’ school shoes? 

You can buy styles online and in-store at Everflex. Online shopping is the most popular method these days, and it’s not hard to see why! Since you get all the information that you need to track down the ideal pair, purchasing work footwear or kids’ school shoes through our website is straightforward. Plus, if you’re shopping for kids’ school shoes, this is a fantastic way to beat the in-store rush and secure your new pair without too much stress.

However, there are still many of our customers who prefer to buy their styles from a store. If you’re the sort of shopper who appreciates friendly service, then you should visit our exclusive stockists: Spendless Shoes. We advise parents who need their children professionally fitted into their kids’ school shoes to shop this way. Spendless stocks our styles in their 200+ stores across Australia, and your local area likely has a store. Visit a store and ask a team member about Everflex’s work footwear or kids’ school shoes, and they’ll quickly steer you toward your best options.

Everflex also brings flexible payment methods

To make shopping for kids’ school shoes and other Everflex styles as pain-free as possible, we’ve expanded our range of payment options. Along with conventional credit card purchases with Mastercard and Visa, we offer Afterpay and Zip for our Australian customers and Laybuy for New Zealand ones. That way, people can get their new work pair or kids’ school shoes when they need them and split the cost up over a few weeks. At Everflex, we highly recommend these ‘buy now and pay later’ methods for people shopping on a budget. For example, splitting the cost of kids’ school shoes into smaller and manageable repayments can alleviate pre-term anxieties. 

Want to know more about Everflex?

Check out more information about our brand, kids’ school shoes, slip-resistant styles, and more when you visit the Everflex website.