What Are Everflex School Shoes Made From?

Everflex’s kids’ school shoes get made from a mixture of different materials and design features. All these elements combine to elevate the experience students have with their styles. We take the time to design all of our kids’ school shoes with material that will complement their designs the best. Keep reading if you want to find out more!

What sort of material do we use when designing kids’ school shoes?

At Everflex, we strive to bring our customers the best quality and durability of their footwear. As such, we experiment with different material combinations so students can enjoy all the ideal features. Kids’ school shoes that get made from leather are flexible and bring the best air circulation. Synthetic styles, on the other hand, have superior resistance to water and general wear and tear. As such, the best kids’ school shoes have to strike a balance to enjoy the benefits of both. For instance, you’ll find some of our styles can leather upper or soles and synthetic material to make up the rest of it.

We understand that many Everflex customers shop exclusively for synthetic kids’ school shoes, as these are vegan-friendly products. As such, you’ll see that all of our styles have their materials listed online in their description. That way, you know what type you’re buying

Now that you know what we use to make kids’ school shoes, would you like to know what other things we incorporate into our designs?

What type of fastenings do Everflex designs have?

In our range for the youngest students, kids’ school shoes come with predominantly with touch-fastening straps. These are excellent for younger children, who can fix them back in place independently in the rare case that they come undone. Untied shoelaces are a tripping hazard for little students, so touch-fastening bands are the superior choice on their kids’ school shoes.

On our Mary-Jane sandals, you’ll find that the fastenings are sometimes buckles instead. The breezy feel of these kids’ school shoes is what makes them ideal for wear in spring and summer, but long socks or stockings can see them through autumn and winter too. We recommend these for slightly older students (which is consistent with the size range) since doing these up can be tricky for some children.

If you grab our little boots for your child, then the standout feature of your kids’ school shoes is the elastic panels. These panels are stretchy and flexible so that your little student can pull their boots on with ease. You won’t find this material on any of our other kids’ school shoes!

Finally, we make older student styles with laced uppers. Like the previous classroom designs, these kids’ school shoes have glossy material, rounded toes, and a smooth shape. However, the lace-up design offers the chance for students to alter the fit of the style more comprehensively than with buckles or touch-fastening bands.

If you get our slip-resistant styles, your kids’ school shoes are made from some other material too

Our slip-resistant footwear makes outstanding styles for slightly older students. The design features on these styles make them amazing to wear at work and in the classroom. Since these do come in adult sizes, they’ll make excellent kids’ school shoes for students with large feet. Durable styles like these include slip-resistance soles, non-marking outsoles, heel impact cushioning, and padded innersoles. Comfort and functionality are key. Our work pairs are hard to distinguish from traditional kids’ school shoes, so they’ll never look out of place under a uniform.

We’ll find you the perfect style (and material) this season

When you need a new pair of kids’ school shoes, shop at Everflex!