Ways To Stretch Out Your School Shoes!

Break-in your new school shoes with Everflex! If you're looking for tips, then you've come to the right place! 


Ensure that you check the fit of your kids' school shoes carefully! 


Having the best fit for your child's footwear is ideal, especially when it's a style that's part of a uniform. As such, you'll want your children to test the size of their new school shoes before they head back to the classroom.


After all, you don't want the first time your kids wear their pair to be a busy eight-hour stretch with no chance of changing if they're uncomfortable. 


Plus, the steps to test the size of school shoes is super easy! Once your child is in their uniform socks (or stockings etc.), puts on their footwear, and secures the fastenings comfortably, get them to stand up in front of you. Press down on the top until you can feel your child's longest toe, then see how much room they have between their toes and the end of the school shoes. 


A comfortable pair needs at least a centimetre of space between kids' feet and the material edge. If there's less room than that, you'll need to make more room or buy larger school shoes! 


Spend some time breaking in a new set!


Don't worry if the material on school shoes feels a bit tight for kids at first! As long as the fabric doesn't dig into their feet, there's room for them to stretch. After having your kid wear-in their new school shoes for a short amount of time, any minor fit issues should resolve quickly. 


If not, you can be sure that you'll need to get your child a larger size! Depending on how much time you have before classes start up again, you can get your children to put their school shoes on for a few laps of the living room or out to run your errands. Even for just for a few minutes a day, this will work wonders! To protect your kids' feet while they're breaking in school shoes, we recommend getting them to wear thick socks.


 Not only will this stretch the material out a little, but it should also stop any extra pressure or rubbing. At the same time, the pair adapts to your child's foot shape. 


Use a shoehorn to get into school shoes safely! 


While your child's footwear feels stiff, an accessory like this is the ideal way to facilitate a quick fit. Do your children tend to tie-up their school shoes neatly once and then slide their feet in and out? 


Knotting laces one time and leaving them tied is an easy way to save time during a busy morning, and save effort after a long day of classes and activities. Slide the horn into the back of the school shoes, and your kids can slide their feet smoothly inside. 


With this accessory, students won't have to struggle into their new style or risk creasing the material on the back. Kids also won't hurt their fingers when they're holding their school shoes open!


Remember, there's no substitute for the right fit!


While there are many DIY fixes and different ways to stretch out your children's school shoes, they generally offer minor results. You can use these sorts of fixes to take some of the rigidness out of new footwear and soften them up for sensitive little feet. 


Still, don't expect to gain a lot of extra space for your child's feet by freezing, blow-drying, or stuffing their school shoes. 


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