Ways School Shoes Enhance The Uniform!

School shoes are a crucial part of every uniform. Whether it’s the clothes that kids wear in the classroom or out on the playing fields, the footwear that accompanies them serve an essential function. Are you interested in finding out the details for yourself? Today, Everflex is here to impart crucial information about school shoes and the role that they play in a student’s life. Who’s ready to begin? 


Footwear finishes off the formal aesthetic!

When you close your eyes and imagine a student, what sort of school shoes do you picture them wearing? More likely than not, you’ll be thinking of a glossy black pair (probably with laces). While uniforms come in all kinds of styles, colours and patterns, school shoes are the one thing that stays the same, no matter where you go. Students of all ages (regardless of gender) get expected to wear nearly-identical designs during their years in the classroom. You can’t complete a uniform without a set of school shoes! 


The right pair will keep students feeling good all day long!

One of the most important roles that school shoes play during the day is to alleviate stress and muscle strain. Don’t forget that on top of a full day of classes, many students also take part in extracurricular activities in the early morning or late afternoon. Your child is going to need school shoes that can keep pace with the craziest schedules. After all, you don’t want your kids to tire out too quickly and miss out on the activities that they want to do! What do our school shoes do to help? Good question! 

Everflex’s awesome school shoes come with built-in arch support and shock-absorbing features, which means they can prevent muscle fatigue and foot cramps. No matter how long your kids need to spend up on their feet, our styles will be there to offer uninterrupted comfort. This support applies to both our active school shoes (sneakers and trainers) and traditional designs. Of course, our sporty styles take everything a step further!  


Does a PE uniform count as activewear without active school shoes to back them up? 

Before you answer, let us put the situation into perspective. If your children forget their PE clothes at home but still bring their sneakers or trainers, then they will probably be allowed to take part in the activity (unless it was swimming, obviously). Comparatively, most teachers wouldn’t let students play sports or do physical activities without the proper active school shoes. No matter how much emphasis we place on the uniforms themselves, it’s the footwear that makes the difference in this case— and for good reasons! Sneakers and trainers are there to support kids’ feet, allow them to move and change direction quickly without slipping, and reduce the impact of physical activities. You wouldn’t expect students to run a marathon in their regular school shoes, would you? 


Some designs can even make stock-standard uniforms feel more fashionable! 

If you’re familiar with our Mary-Jane school shoes, then you will know what we mean straight away! These designs are a fashionable pick and an increasingly popular choice with teenage students. Unlike plain traditional school shoes, our Mary-Jane styles have half-open tops and laser-cut patterns for decoration, so they set themselves apart immediately. And, while lace-up styles tend to offer the most flexibility, the buckled fastenings on our school shoes also provide adjustment for the cosiest fit. 


Now, who’s ready for a new pair from Everflex?

Take some time and have a read of our other articles if you’re still making your mind up about our styles. Otherwise, there’s an enormous array of school shoes that you can start scrolling through in our kids’ section. Everflex is here to help with anything and everything this semester!