Velcro School Shoes For The Little Ones!

Are you shopping for school shoes for your little one? Touch-fastening designs are the way to go! 

What’s the appeal of touch-fastening straps on school shoes?

Lace-up designs are the leading favourite for older students, but most people expect to see straps on school shoes for younger kids. Why? Well, the answer is simple! Touch-fastening straps are more age-appropriate and accessible for young kids. If your little one is still struggling to lace up their school shoes independently, then our strapped designs are the ideal alternative. If they come loose, all your child needs to do is stick the tab back down and go back to playing. We all know that kids can get embarrassed about asking their teachers for help with their school shoes, after all! 

We’ve got a pair in your child’s size!

Shop at Everflex, and you’ll realise that we have school shoes for kids of all ages! And, while our touch-fastening designs get made for our youngest customers, we’ve done our best to cater to kids with big feet. The largest of our school shoes (in this look) are big enough for preteens, so by the time they outgrow the final size, your child should be ready to move on to laced designs. 

Our traditional school shoes look smart with uniforms

At Everflex, we’ve got all of the touch-fastening styles that parents could want. Our smooth and glossy designs are perfect for tiny students, and look as sophisticated and sharp with uniforms as their older counterparts do. These comfy little school shoes can be synthetic or leather material too, so you have your pick of the lot! 

Step out in our sneakers and trainers! 

Our active school shoes come in touch-fastening versions as well! You didn’t think that we’d miss these out, did you? Given that students have weekly PE lessons, extra-curricular activities, and sports practices and weekend games, sneakers are an essential part of their wardrobe. As such, you won’t be surprised to hear that we have heaps of active school shoes available at Everflex. Our best-loved sneakers come with dual top straps so that they’ll stay secure during the craziest games. Durable material and grooved grip on the soles also allow kids to make the most out of every game with Everflex school shoes. You have the option of all-white or all-black designs, and either version will suit your child’s strict dress code requirements. 

Does your little one like Mary-Jane sandals?

School shoes in this look are an excellent pick for little girls during spring and summer. If hot and sweaty feet cause problems for your child, then you should treat them to the easy-breezy feel and additional air circulation of our Mary-Jane styles. Instead, the buckled top strap that you would find on the teenaged or adult version of these school shoes, the younger ones come with a single touch-fastening band. Getting your child into a pair of Mary-Jane sandals will be no struggle in the morning. Also, you won’t have to worry about untied laces on their school shoes tripping them up during the day. 

Not to mention, Everflex’s cool sandals are a fun alternative to traditional designs, and they’re a trendy pick in 2020. We’ve been following the latest trends this season, and there have been a lot more girls wearing Mary-Jane school shoes than the conventional lace-up styles. So, if you want your child in the hottest designs of the year, then give sandals a try!

Make the smart choice this season!

If you need school shoes for a young child this year, then come to Everflex. We’ve got a huge range of styles for you to consider and the most affordable prices around. Stop in today— you won’t regret it!