Trouble Tying Laces? Check Out These Laces-Free School Shoes Styles!

Do your children struggle to tie up their laces in the mornings? Or are they still in the process of learning how to ace the laces? If you are nodding yes to either of these questions, we have the perfect solution for you. Investing in a pair of school shoes that are easy-to-wear and stress-free is what every parent wants for their children. 


There is no point in stressing about a pair of school shoes in the mornings, especially if running late. The best pair of school shoes to invest in are ones without laces. These kicks will save you time and effort in the early hours of the day, so you and the family can make it on time. The team at Everflex brands shop have gathered up a range of lace-free school shoes for you to choose from. 


If you are keen to get your hands on some lace-free school shoes, then keep reading! We can guarantee that there is something for everyone. 


1. Mary-Janes


First up on our selection of lace-free school shoes are the Mary-Jane designs. These kicks offer a buckle fastening instead of laces, making every little girl's life a lot easier. The Mary-Jane design is perfect for your children, especially if they are still super young. The buckle feature allows for a quick fastening, so your daughter is ready for the day in less than five minutes. 


A pair of Mary-Jane school shoes also offer a range of other beneficial features. These kicks have geometric cut-outs along the front of the footwear, which makes these breathable pairs of school shoes to wear. A set of Mary-Jane school shoes can get worn throughout the year as well, so no matter what season it is, you can count on these kicks. 


Your daughter will look super stylish in these school shoes, which is why they are such a popular style. In addition, you will never have to worry about the struggles of tying up laces again once you invest in these Mary-Jane school shoes. 


2. Touch-Fastening Flats


Say goodbye to laces and hello to touch-fastening flats. These school shoes are perfect for your daughter if she hates to tie up laces. Unfortunately, tying up their laces is never a fun or easy task for some kids. This issue can encourage them to feel sad, angry, upset, and discouraged, which only results in more tantrums for your little girl. 


To avoid any fuss in the mornings, the best thing to do is get your hands on a pair of touch-fastening flats. These school shoes are sure to keep your daughter's feet looking stylish and protected all day long. So whether it is a P.E lesson or a maths class, you can trust that your daughter will be perfectly fine in her pair of touch-fastening flats. 


Your daughter will find that she can slip into these touch-fastening flats with minimal fuss. These are the perfect pair of primary school shoes to invest in and ensure she looks great from morning until night. 


3. Ballet Flats


If you need a pair of school shoes for your daughter that do not involve any fastening, then you have come to the right place. A set of ballet flats will ensure that your little girl can wake up in the morning, slip into the perfect pair of school shoes and get on with her day. 


Gone are the days of hearing her have a morning tantrum because she can not tie up her laces. Our range of ballet flats is suitable for her day-to-day activities. Your daughter will look cute and presentable from study to play from head to toe. 


The best thing about these ballet flats is that they look great with a casual outfit rather than a uniform. We know that these school shoes are super versatile, so your daughter can get the most wear out of them throughout every day. She will fall head over heels in love with her easy-to-wear school shoes! 


4. Slip-On Canvas Sneakers 


Does your son hate tying up his laces? If you are nodding yes, we have found the perfect solution for you. A pair of slip-on canvas sneakers will become the ultimate pair of school shoes. You will find that everyone in your household will want these kicks in no time. 


Slip-on canvas sneakers can make everyone's lives a million times better. These are the perfect school shoes to invest in if your children struggle to tie up their laces. You will find that these school shoes are a must-have in every child's wardrobe. Get them from your favourite top online shopping store. 


They are also a great pair of kicks to wear even when your children are not out studying. They are pair of school shoes that you can easily slip onto your feet, especially if you rush out the door. You will still be on time when your kids dress in a pair of these school shoes. Get new kicks like this at the Everflex menu shop.


5. Touch-Fastening Sneakers


Keep your son's feet safe and secure throughout their day of learning and play by getting them a pair of touch-fastening sneakers. These are the perfect pair of school shoes to wear if they hate tying up laces and want to feel supported from morning until night. 


There is no better feeling than rocking a pair of touch-fastening sneakers for your child's day of learning and play. Thanks to their touch-fastening sneakers, they will feel great running around with friends throughout the day. 


We love that these school shoes can keep your child's feet supported and secure without the fuss of tying up any laces. The touch-fastening feature is super simple to work out, so your children will not get caught up in any problems with this. We know that they will look sophisticated and playful all day long in their pair of touch-fastening school shoes. 


6. Boots 


Close checkout our range of boots this season. Boots are the perfect alternative to traditional school shoes and make for a very comfortable and modern pair of kicks for gender boys and girls.  


Boots are a style of school shoes that get worn throughout cooler seasons. These kicks offer the perfect shape for the protection of the feet. This tip includes protection from any rain, puddles, or dirt throughout the wet months of the year.  


These are the perfect pair of kids school shoes to wear if you know that your kid will throw plenty of tantrums if he has to wear lace-ups instead. You are bound to have a much more enjoyable experience when you faster checkout a pair of boots as your child's go-to pair of school shoes. Thank us later! 


Say Goodbye to Laces and Hello to Easy-to-Wear School Shoes! 


There is no better feeling than not having to hear your child screaming in the early hours of the morning. Every parent will do whatever it takes to avoid this sound, which is why our online shopping store, ​Everflex, have got you sorted. So avoid the tantrums and say hello to a pair of lace-free school shoes. Head to our website today to find out more!


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