Top 5 Benefits of Non-Slip Shoes

Whether it’s a full day at school or work, there are bound to be instances where slippery surfaces come your way. Having the best footwear for these slippery conditions is your best bet to remaining safe and comfortable in the workplace. 


Non-slip shoes are a style of footwear that should be in everyone’s wardrobe, but sometimes this isn’t the case. Some may think that non-slip work shoes are not a necessary item to own. People may believe that other shoes are the better option. 


For this reason, we have gathered the top 5 benefits for owning and wearing non-slip shoes whilst at work or school. There are many reasons why wearing non-slip shoes is beneficial but narrowing it down to the top 5 highlights the most important reasons to consider. 


Take a scroll down below and check out our top five benefits for wearing non-slip shoes and discover why you need these kicks in your wardrobe as soon as possible! 


1. They Prevent Falls, Slips, And Trips! 


Owning a pair of non-slip shoes is super beneficial when it comes to preventing yourself from falling, slipping, or tripping over any wet or uneven surfaces. Non-slip shoes offer a range of great features specifically made to grip the ground wi+th ease and push out any liquid substances. 


This type of footwear can prevent any form of liquid substance, whether water, oil or mud, from getting stuck underneath the footwear and allowing you to fall over. Non-slip shoes are beneficial if you work in an area that incurs a range of spilt liquids such as the hospital, hospitality or retail. 


This also applies to those in school, where spilt water, food, or materials (e.g. paint, glue) are most likely to occur throughout the week. But, again, non-slip shoes will be able to prevent anyone from falling over when stepping on these slippery surfaces. 


This further prevents injuries such as a sore back or broken arm. For those within the workplace, it is necessary to implement strategies to avoid any injuries from occurring. 


It also protects others around you because if you slip and bump into someone else, there will be a domino effect (and we don’t want that!). Non-slip shoes are also important for children in school to wear so that they can avoid any injuries as well. 


Children are much smaller than adults and therefore can hurt themselves a lot worse, so by wearing no-slip work shoes, your kids will remain happy and healthy! 


2. Plenty Of Comfort And Support! 


Non-slip shoes are perfect for when you are looking for extra comfort and support within your footwear. Not only do non-slip shoes prevent you from falling over, but they also prevent tired and sore ankles and legs so you can feel your best all day long. 


Comfortable non-slip shoes can get made with thick and padded soles, so there is plenty of cushioning between the ground and the soles of your feet. The extra cushioning adds a high level of added support to your footwear which adds an element of protection against sore and tired joints and muscles in your legs. 


No matter what industry you work or study in, non-slip shoes are a must-have if you need comfortable and supportive footwear. For children at school, owning a pair of comfortable non-slip shoes will assist with lasting the whole school day without having tired and sore feet. 


By having sore and tired feet or legs throughout the school day, the child can become restless and unproductive with their learning. This is a situation that many would like to avoid, so making sure that your child is wearing comfortable and supportive shoes can help to prevent that. 


If your comfortable non-slip shoes ever become a little less comfortable due to wear and tear, it is best to grab a set of innersoles for added cushioning. These accessories will give you an added boost of comfort, along with a few more months of wear out of the footwear. 


This is ideal for school footwear; however, parents do not have to buy an extra pair or two of slip-resistant shoes in the same year. 


3. Durability And Longevity – Yes, Please! 


Non-slips shoes feature a range of qualities, but we have our sights set on the fact that they are durable and long-lasting. This type of footwear offers durability, which means they can survive just about anything that comes their way. 


As these non-slip shoes can prevent you from falling over, their design also offers plenty of other benefits against other surfaces.


This issue is common with tripping over a small rock or similar item on the footpath. The benefits of non-slip shoes can also assist in this situation, making this type of footwear very durable. In addition, the grip on the base of non-slip shoes will provide extra help in an event like this.


Therefore this prevents you from falling over or injuring yourself. Furthermore, as they also offer non-slip shoes that are very durable in most circumstances, it also provides an added level of longevity. This feature is perfect for those who enjoy wearing their footwear for as long as possible whilst getting the most wear out of them. 


We find this a lot in parents buying their children footwear for school. Many parents hope that the pair of kicks they buy for their child will last for a while, and by purchasing a pair of slip-resistant shoes, they may have better longevity than other footwear. 


4. Affordability Is A Must!


Affordable footwear is a must for everyone. So getting the most out of your spending on non-slip shoes is something everyone seeks. Non-slip shoes come in a range of affordable styles that can suit anyone’s footwear needs. 


For school footwear, it is necessary to find affordable and comfortable kicks without breaking the budget. For those in the workplace, inexpensive footwear is perfect so you can stress less about your kicks and focus more on enjoying your day at work or study. 


Affordable types of footwear also give you extra spending money on backup footwear or accessories. In addition, for children in school, the laces on their footwear can wear down with ease. 


Especially if you have active kids, their non-slip shoes will be needing some tender love and care more times than once throughout the year. Having some extra cash to spend on accessories for your affordable non-slip shoes will ensure they last longer and won’t force you to buy more pairs throughout the year.  


5. Versatile Kicks Are A Dream Come True! 


Non-slip shoes are a super versatile type of footwear. By being so versatile, these kicks can get worn in multiple settings. This feature is great for when you have plans after work or after school and do not have time to change your footwear. 


For those with children at school, these versatile non-slip shoes will be a dream come true. If you have a family dinner booked for after school, you will not have to worry about your child’s footwear not being suitable or comfortable enough to make it through the night.  


Your child’s non-slip shoes will also last for a few hours after school at a playdate with friends. They will be comfortable and protected throughout the day and night, which also applies to those at work. 


If you are heading straight out for dinner or a family event afterwards, this style of footwear will keep you protected. In addition, you will not have to worry about needing a quick change of kicks when you have your trusty and comfortable non-slip shoes on your feet. 


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