Tips For Buying School Shoes For The Winter Months

Who’s ready to buy school shoes this winter? Everflex is here with some handy tips to help you pick the best pair for your child and keep them looking their best!


Remember That Mary-jane Sandals Are Trans-seasonal!


Don’t get fooled into thinking that these fashionable mary janes can only come out during spring and summer! Kids mary jane sandals are quite similar to traditional designs.


They come in black leather-look material, and the rounded toes, grooved soles, and smooth shape of these styles are reminiscent of our regular kids mary jane school shoes.


However, Mary-Jane black school shoes come with more openings over the foot’s bridge and bridge of the foot, as well as trendy laser cut-outs in geometric patterns.


These black school shoes have adjustable straps with either a touch-fastening fit or adjustable buckles. Since mary jane shoes have a more open design than traditional kids shoes, Mary-Jane sandals are a favourite pick during the warmer months.


After all, the cut-outs provide additional airflow for kids’ feet, which will prevent them from overheating and sweating too much.


Not only will this help students feel more comfortable wearing light weight shoes in summer and spring, but it will also stop foot odour from clinging to their pair of junior kids black shoes, which is a bonus! 


Still, that doesn’t mean that your kids can get the most out of our Mary-Janes in winter and autumn too.


Firstly, since students will need to switch to a winter uniform, they shouldn’t get too cold anyway. The warm stockings or thick uniform socks they’ll wear with their Mary-Jane junior girls shoes should be enough to ensure they don’t get frosty feet!


Not to mention, a bit of air circulation will come in handy during wintertime too! When the teachers turn the heating up in their classroom, your kids won’t have to swelter in their junior kids shoes then either.


Look For Slip-resistant Soles On Your Teenager’s School Shoes!


Are you shopping for a teen this winter? Keep your eyes out for Everflex’s fantastic non-slip mary jane school shoes! As the name suggests, our slip-resistant designs get designed with unique grooves and bottom tread so they can offer the best grip on slippery surfaces.


So, on snowy and wet winter days, these non-slip kids black shoes are sure to keep your child stepping out confidently. Besides, these slip-resistant kids black shoes aren’t only good for the classroom; they’ll make great workwear too!


Non-slip styles are the ultimate multitaskers.


Your teen will be able to take their junior and senior pair from their last lesson to the start of their work shift with absolute ease.


Not to mention, they come with a plethora of excellent safety and support features, which means students can rely on their long-lasting comfort.


Try Synthetic School Shoes!


Are you debating whether to get black leather styles or synthetic ones for your child? We understand why this might be a tricky decision for you because both types of girls and boys boys school shoes have positive attributes.


As far as the look of them, our black leather and faux leather styles are essentially identical. With the same glossy, black hi shine and polished-looking finish to enjoy, you’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart from each other.


Leather school shoes are a popular choice in our range for kids with sensitive feet. The nature of the material allows for airflow and breathability. Plus, the malleable and soft feel of the material means that there’s no need to break in your kids' black leather shoes.


New leather school shoes will feel great on your child’s feet from the first time they wear them and gradually reshape themselves to match your child’s foot shape more closely over time.


Still, as amazing as our leather designs are, we think synthetic methods are ideal for students during winter. Synthetic school shoes have fantastic water resistance, so they’re perfect for the colder months.


If your kids get rained on, go stomping through puddles, or get their pair covered in mud and wet grass, you won’t even need to worry! Cleaning faux leather school shoes takes only a second, and there shouldn’t be any lasting damage from water-related messes.


What else could you want from a winter-ready style? Did we mention that our synthetic brown school shoes are also vegan-friendly? It’s true! If you love the idea of supporting environmentally conscious and sustainable fashion, then these comfort lightweight  school shoes are sure to get another tick of approval from you.


We don’t use any animal products or by-products to create these designs. Not to mention, our vegan-friendly ethical sourcing shoes are super affordable. Considering how high the prices can get for vegan fashion, we think you’ll be surprised and pleased by how inexpensive these designs are at Everflex.


Grab Some Accessories To Keep Your School Shoes In Good Condition This Winter!


Do you want to keep your child’s pair looking presentable? Winter can be a rough time to keep your kids’ comfortable durable shoes looking clean, but you can count on teachers staying strict about the dress code, so you don’t want to get off-track!


Here at Everflex, we recommend getting an Instant Shine sponge for our range of accessories. This sponge works dry; it can clean your junior black shoes without any wax or polish needed. As such, we think Instant Shine is a necessity for students this season! Ordering spare shoelaces with your next order of lace up school shoe is also an excellent idea.


While cleaning the material of your child’s pair is straightforward enough with our Instant Shine sponge, the same can’t always get said about laces. If the ties on your kids’ lace up shoes get soaked, muddy, dirty, or otherwise ruined, then the most effective thing you can do to fix the issue is to replace them!


Everflex has a whole host of spare shoelaces in different lengths, colours, and shapes, which means grabbing a substitute for your kids’ pair of lace ups sneakers should be super easy. When you have your spares on hand, you can unloop the fraying old laces, loop in the new ones, and make your kids lace look like new again!


We hope this handy article has helped you!


Follow Everflex’s tips this season to get the best winter school shoes!