Things to Look for When Purchasing Non-Slip Shoes

Are you on the hunt for a pair of non-slip shoes? Well, look no further as we dive into all the tips you need to ensure you find the best non-slip shoes. 


It can be a tricky task when searching for the right pair of footwear, especially if you aren’t sure what to look out for. Non-slip shoes are relevant for people who need to find work or school footwear. However, investing in a pair of non-slip shoes for daily wear is also a significant investment! 


This type of footwear is perfect to have in your wardrobe, even if you don’t reach for them very often. There are a range of risks that you could be prone to if you don’t have the correct footwear on. Owning a pair of non-slip shoes eliminates a range of risks that could occur. 


This includes tripping over on wet surfaces, stumbling on loose debris along the footpath, or getting caught up on equipment in the workplace. No matter the instance, you will be best protected with a pair of slip-resistant shoes. We’ve gathered some tips to look out for when purchasing a pair of non-slip shoes to ensure you get the best type of footwear possible. 


Take a read below so you know what to keep an eye on when you’re out shopping! 


Pay attention to the tread! 


Our number one hot tip when searching for your next pair of non-slip shoes is to keep an eye out on the tread. The tread is the pattern engraved into the bottom of your footwear on the outside layer.  You should know what track style to look for. First, looking for soles when purchasing new kicks will help determine if they can help avoid slipping. 


The best design of tread to look for in slip-resistant shoes is patterns of circles or hexagons. These are the best when it comes to keeping any liquid out of the footwear and preventing you from slipping or falling. 


The smaller the tread patterns are, the more likely the footwear is effective in non-slip shoes. In addition, the tread can create friction between the sole and the ground, so this will help your footwear grip the floor without collecting any liquid substances from underneath.  


What do the soles look like?


It is necessary to check out the make of the material of the soles of your non-slip shoes. If they feel super hard and not made from rubber, it might be a good idea to ditch those kicks and look for others. The ideal sole for non-slip shoes is rubber and has a firm feel, but not too hard. Rubber soles can stick to the ground with ease, compared to other materials that easily slide on wet surfaces. 


It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for grooves in the sole of the footwear when looking for the perfect non-slip shoes. 


Tracks in the sole of the footwear ensure that the person wearing the non-slip shoes is kept in an upright position all day long. In addition, the grooves are placed on the soles to give maximum flexibility to the different areas of the footwear. 


It can minimise the number of liquid substances that can become trapped underneath. You can trust that the grooves of the non-slip shoes will keep you upright for the entirety of the day and without any accidents occurring. 


Padding is a must!


Padded non-slip shoes are a must-have in any style you decide to purchase. Whether it’s the padding on the upper parts of the footwear or padding on the ankles, it is necessary to ensure that there is some form of padding. 


Generally, this extra padding will be helpful when it comes to keeping any water or other liquid substances out of the footwear. Try to find water-resistant or waterproof padding to ensure no water will enter the pair of kicks or soak into the material. This feature is perfect as it offers the ultimate level of protection against any water coming in or out. 


With non-slip work sneakers, it is best to look for waterproof footwear all around, not just on the soles. These will give you maximum support and protection against any liquid substance that comes your way.


If there is an instance where you do somehow fall, the extra padding around the top and ankles will be super beneficial. This is especially important for workplaces where lots of tools and equipment are scattered around or flying around. Either way, the padding on your non-slip boots are a must-have! 


Check out the online reviews!


When deciding on the perfect non-slip shoes to purchase, it is always a great idea to check out the online reviews. It would be great to virtually try on the footwear we have our eyes set on. However, online shopping hasn’t evolved that far just yet! 


The next best thing to do is take a read of the online reviews. Online reviews are great for gaining knowledge on the non-slip shoes you are looking at purchasing. Review posts are submitted by people who have experienced wearing non-slip shoes, so it should be a trusted source. 


Some online reviews can be a little vague, but if you can gauge the general gist of the non-slip work shoes, you should be a-okay. What’s even better is that you can also share your review of the non-slip shoes you purchase once you start to wear them in. Your helpful tips will go a long way with helping someone else! 


Take those bad boys for a test run in-store! 


If you get the luxury experience of trying the no-slip work shoes on in-store, you will be able to know for sure if they are the right pair of kicks for you. 


First, ask the friendly customer service assistants for a hand with finding your ideal non-slip shoes and try them on. Then, take them for a walk around the store or shopping centre to get a footwear feel. Even if there may not be any slippery surfaces to walk across, taking them for a test-run in store can give you a pretty clear indication of whether the non-slip shoes will protect you daily. 


Ready to purchase your new non-slip shoes? 


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