The Telling Signs it's Time to Replace Your Kid's School Shoes

Finding the right pair of school shoes can be a fun experience for both the child and the parents. But it can also feel like a very stressful process to endure. If you have found that your child's school shoe is wearing down or needs replacing, then it may be the perfect time to do some shopping for some new kicks. How to identify a pair of worn-out school shoes can sometimes be a little challenging. 


To help you and your children with this process, the team at the online shopping store, Everflex, have gathered a range of signs that can indicate it is time to close checkout and replace their pair of school shoes. 


Keep on reading if you are keen to know the tips and tricks of what to look for in your child's pair of school shoes and when the right time to replace them is. 


1. Creases in the Leather


Have you started to notice creases in the leather of your child's pair of school shoes? If you are nodding yes, then this may be a sign to replace their kicks. If you invested in leather school shoes for your child, it is common to experience a range of creases in the footwear. 


This issue naturally occurs with leather products because the leather needs to break into and adjust to your child's foot size. Therefore, it is not always a bad sign to see creases in a pair of leather school shoes. However, if the creasing exposes the inner materials, there may be more reason to be concerned about. 


If the creasing reveals a lot of grey colouring, then this is a sign that you need to replace the school shoes. The grey colour indicates that the material is becoming thin, leading to holes in your footwear. Once you notice these creases, it is best to ditch these kicks and invest in a new pair. There is no better feeling than to get a pair of brand-new school shoes. 


2. Holes on the Sides


Every parent knows that when they start to see holes in their children's pair of school shoes, it is time to replace them. Holes can pop up just about anywhere in your child's pair of kicks, so you must pay close attention to the footwear every so often. 


There is nothing worse than not knowing about problems in your child's pair of kicks. Every parent wants to send their children to their day of learning and play with a good pair of school shoes on their feet. 


Wear and tear are common occurrences, so keeping an open mind about it all is the best way to go. For example, once you start to notice that your child's pair of school shoes have holes in them, then it is a good idea to head straight to buying a new pair ASAP from the top online shopping store. 


Having holes in their kicks can lead to soggy socks or super cold feet during the cooler months of the year. For a customer creating a protective layer for their children's feet during cooler months, investing in a new pair of school shoes from your favourite fusion brands can resolve the problem.


3. Worn Out Laces


Have you noticed the laces on your child's pair of school shoes? Do they look ratty and torn? If you are nodding yes to both of these things, you have noticed a set of school shoes that need replacing. 


If your child is walking around with torn laces on their kicks, then it may not seem like a big issue. However, these worn-out laces can cause further harm and damage if left too long unattended. Worn out laces may get caught under the footwear and cause your child to trip over. They may also be loose on your child's feet, which means that your child could be more prone to injuries occurring. 


No parent wants their child to be in pain during a day of learning and play, so it is best to invest in a new pair of school shoes when this occurs. If the footwear is salvageable, then you may only need to replace the laces.


We recommend investing in a few pairs of laces from our menu shop, so you are always prepared for the next time your child needs them replaced. So checkout using your account to avail our items.


4. Broken Down Soles


One area exposed to a lot of wear and tear is the bottom of the kids school shoes. The soles on these kicks need to feel strong to combat the daily experiences of learning and play, especially gender boys. Despite being sturdy and strong, they are also the first area of the school shoes to experience any form of damage. Most of the time, you will notice that a pair of school shoes have a very thick, sturdy, and uniquely designed sole. 


This type of look can also include treads and grooves if the school shoes are non-slip. Once you start to see the soles of these new styles of kicks fade or wear down in size and shape, then that is a sign you will need to invest in a new pair of school shoes. 


You will feel ten times better knowing that your child will be rocking a fresh pair of school shoes and saying goodbye to the old, broken-down kicks. 


5. Loose-Fitting


Is your child complaining about sore feet? This look may be a sign that their pair of school shoes are starting to become loose. When this issue occurs, it is a good indicator that you will need to invest in a new pair of your child's school shoes. 


When the material becomes loose around the foot, it is a sign of wear and tear. Over time, your child's pair of school shoes will become loose-fitting, which is because the material is being broken in. 


This process is normal, but once the school shoes become too loose around the feet, you know it is time to replace them. Loose-fitting school shoes can become hazardous for your child, so it is best to sort the issue out whilst you are ahead.  


Are Your Kid's School Shoes Ready for Replacement?


Our helpful tips and tricks on how to notice a pair of worn-out school shoes should make the shopping process so much easier. Head to the Everflex brands shop website to find your next best pair of school shoes today. Your children will love you for it! 


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