The Style of Boys' School Shoes That is Perfect From Prep to Senior Year

Searching for boys' school shoes suitable for ages covering prep to senior year is easy if you know where to look. Why check out several brands when there's one place that holds everything you need?

Everflex has a huge range of excellent styles that might be of interest. However, everyone can agree on one timeless style suitable as academic footwear for the early starters until the graduating batch. 

These new school shoes are so good and versatile that your son can even use them on weekends for special occasions. Do you want to know the answer?

Drum roll, please! It's the pull-on ankle boots. This style is a classic; even adult males wear similar footwear for work and nights out. Boots are a classic, and these are what your son needs to get through a challenging year.

Do you want to get to know this style more? Then, our reliable Everflex team will teach you everything about pull-on ankle boots!


1. The Style

The pull-on ankle boots have been a uniform staple since they came out. These shoes cover the entire foot up to the ankles, protecting your child's feet from pebbles and other foreign things.

The rounded-toe design meets the requirement of having a wide-toe box. Shoes need enough room for your child's toes to wiggle so they won't grow up with bunions or hammertoes, injuries they can carry until adulthood.

Even senior-year students need shoes with enough room for their toes to splay out naturally, so they can have good balance and remain comfortable throughout the hectic day. 

The boots are excellent, especially in winter, because they keep your child warm and dry. In addition, these shoes' durable and sturdy soles will provide the traction and grip needed to remain stable when surfaces are wet from rain and snow.

Although these shoes do not have any fastening, they have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape, allowing for a snug fit. 

You can compare the Everflex brand with the styles people have perceived as the best brands, such as Hush Puppies, Clarks, Skechers, etc.

In addition, younger students will not have to worry about learning how to secure fastenings because all they must do is pull the tabs as they slide their feet.


2. The Colour

The pull-on ankle boots only come in black, which is what the dress code requires. Therefore, these shoes will match your child's uniform style. As mentioned, the students can wear this versatile footwear for casual and formal occasions.

Black looks good with anything, including jeans, trousers, and suits.

However, you must help your child maintain the blackness of their shoes by always keeping them shiny. Our Everflex team has compiled a list of simple steps to teach your older child while younger children may require your assistance.


Step 1—Protect the workspace using old newspapers to avoid getting the polish on the floor or furniture because it's hard to remove the polish.

Step 2—Rub down the surface of any dirt before polishing. Leaving any dirt or debris might scratch the shoes as they rub.

Step 3—Apply the polish in a circular motion with the help of an old T-shirt. You can use a cotton bud for hard-to-reach areas of the shoe. Set aside to dry naturally. Remove excess polish, then buff the footwear.


3. The Material

The leather material keeps your child's feet fresh during warm seasons. Although the boots cover their entire foot until the ankles, leather is a breathable material that allows air to pass through, circulating inside so moisture can exit. 

Sweat must go out if you want to prevent foul odours or bacterial and fungal buildup.

The advantage of leather footwear is its durability, which can withstand the wear and tear of active children who love to run and play and natural elements like weather.


4. The Size

The pull-on ankle boots are available in the following size range: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Please remember that you must get your child's accurate Everflex size, as brand sizes vary, so use the handy size guide for reference.

Boys' shoes must fit correctly to ensure your child's comfort throughout the day. First, however, you need to check some things that will guarantee the perfect fit. So we gathered them for you:

  • Measure the length and width of each foot separately because they can differ. Best to take the measurements late in the afternoon or evening so that they can accommodate the swelling of their feet.
  • Leave a 1cm space between the longest toe and the edge of the footwear to give their toes enough wiggle room.
  • The widest part of their feet should correspond to the widest part of the school shoes. Luckily, the elastic side gussets expand and fit all foot shapes.

Your child's feet are continually growing, and it's typical to get growth spurts here and there. Check your child's measurements frequently to see if the school shoes still fit. It's critical to replace the footwear once your child outgrows it.


Proper Shoe Care

While choosing Everflex school shoes ensures durability and longevity, you or your child must take simple daily steps to maintain their tip-top shape.

Step 1—Wipe down any excess dirt attached to the school shoes upon getting home. Letting them fester can crack the material.

Step 2—Always dry the school shoes before storing them. If wet, allow them to dry naturally. Never place them near direct heat sources. Instead, use scrunched-up newspapers to hasten the process. Then, place them inside the school shoes to absorb moisture.

Step 3—Store them properly in shoe cabinets or bags. Never leave the school shoes where they can attract floating dust, destroying their material in the long run.


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