The Science Behind Non-Slip Shoes: How Do They Actually Work?

Have you ever wondered what the science behind non-slip shoes is? Well, we are here to give you the answers you have been searching for. 


Non-slip shoes are a must-have type of footwear in many working environments. This can be due to many factors, including food spillages and wet floors. The best way to make it through a slippery surface is by wearing a pair of non-slip shoes. 


Therefore, it is beneficial to understand the way a pair of slip-resistant shoes. Hence, we have gathered all of the ins and outs for you. Therefore, ensure you know how to choose the right pair of non-slip shoes and what to look out for when shopping brands for these kicks. 


We have gathered all we know about non-slip shoes. Take a read below to discover how these kicks can ensure you will not trip over any liquids on the floor. They are here to support you every step of the way. 


Check For Grooves!

A necessary feature in a pair of non-slip shoes is the grooves. Looking at the bottom of the footwear for tracks is a must-do, as this feature will help you not trip over any wet surfaces. In addition, the grooves are what will help you grip the ground. 


This tip is a necessary feature for your non-slip shoes as they can protect you when you are walking across a wet surface. Grooves are identified as dentures in the footwear’s bottom, which helps trap any liquid substance. 


By trapping the liquid under your pair of non-slip shoes, it enables you to walk through wet surfaces with ease. Remember, it is still necessary to take extra care when walking through any wet surfaces but wearing a pair of non-slip work shoes will make it that extra bit safer.


It is best to check how deep they are to check whether your sneakers have good grooves. If the grooves are deep, then the more resistant the resistant shoes are to wet surfaces. 


If your non-slip work shoes are not very deep, then they may only be safe to wear in environments that only incur wet surfaces on a rare occasion. The deeper the grooves are, the more effective these non-slip work shoes will be. 


The Tread Is A Must! 


Another feature to keep an eye out for is the tread in your non-slip shoes. The footwear tread works hand-in-hand with the grooves to help you not trip over any wet floors and surfaces. The footwear tread of these sneakers can get designed to give you a better grip on wet surfaces. 


Now you may be wondering how you check the footwear tread of your non-slip shoes. Well, we have all of the information for you. The best way to identify the footwear tread on your non-slip shoes is to check if it has a flat or raised surface. 


Most of the time, good non-slip work shoes will have a good amount of tread underneath. If the footwear does not have a good amount of footwear tread, you are most likely to end up slipping over. The good tread has a line-height default that is on the slip-resistant shoes.


If the bottom of your sneakers is super flat, then that will mean you have no grip on the bottom of your footwear. If your non-slip shoes have a good amount of tread underneath, which is noticeably based on the number of lines or patterns there are, then you will be much more protected. 


The footwear tread of your sneakers gives you traction when walking so, if you try to slide your feet across the ground, the footwear tread will ensure your grip on the floor. By having a good amount of tread on the bottom of your non-slip shoes, you will feel much more protected in slippery conditions.  


Make and Material!


One feature that is necessary to consider when looking for a new pair of non-slip work shoes is the material they are made from. This tip is worth considering because the footwear material can affect how effective the resistance of slipping over is. 


Non-slip shoes can get made of sturdy rubber, which are essential elements for shoes and a feature to keep an eye on. The rubber tends to be strong both underneath the footwear and on the sides. The strong material ensures that the non-slip shoes are unable to slide over any liquid or oily surfaces. 


If the footwear has a softer rubber, you will have less protection in your non-slip shoes. Not only should the footwear be made from a sturdy rubber material, but they should also offer a lightweight and flexible soles. This tip will ensure your footwear has plenty of movement within the non-slip shoes so that you do not strain your feet when walking across wet surfaces. 


Rounded Edges!


Investing in a pair of non-slip shoes with a rounded edge will ensure you receive the best level of protection against slippery surfaces. Rounded edges on non-slip shoes allow your kicks to glide over wet surfaces with ease. 


In addition, the rounded edges can let the liquid substances pass through without tripping over. If the non-slip shoes have a flat edge, then you may have less protection against wet surfaces. If you need a new pair of non-slip shoes, why not invest in a pair with rounded edges. 


You will feel much more protected in these bad boys! 


In-store Test!


The best way to see and understand how non-slip shoes work is to put them to the test! 


Physically trying on these kicks will allow you to feel how they work. This physical test can be done in-shop or in your home. All you have to do is try on the non-slip shoes and walk or jump around the place for a little.


If there is a wet surface nearby, you could even try walking over it to ensure your kicks have a strong enough tread to grip you to the ground. It is worthwhile to test this feature before purchasing a new pair of non-slip shoes, so you are 100% sure that they are the perfect kicks for you.    


Are You All Caught Up On How Non-slip Shoes Work?     


If you feel like you know all of the tips and tricks behind non-slip shoes and how they can protect you from slipping over any wet surfaces, then you are ready to invest in a pair. Do not try risky colour combinations. Instead, look for the awesome background colours of these kicks.


These kicks are a must-have style of footwear for any working environment where the risk of injury is high. Hide images of your old shoes and avail of these new styles of shoes at a very affordable category price. You will feel so much more protected with a pair of non-slip shoes on your feet. Focus big black cursor and click the order now!