The Perfect Non-Slip Kids' School Shoes

What's the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent? It's an emergency call telling them something happened to their child at school.

They learned through a phone call that their child had an accident, likely due to slipping or tripping on slippery surfaces. We could avoid this gut-wrenching moment if your child wore non-slip kids' shoes.

While workers from industries such as aged care, healthcare, food, and hospitality must wear non-slip school shoes, it shouldn't stop you from providing your child with the same protection.

We understand how parents usually worry for their children when they are out of sight. So, the best way to ease your concern is to ensure they remain steady and upright.

While most of the available footwear at Everflex has treads that provide good traction and grip, why not elevate it more by going for non-slip school shoes?

Everflex non-slip school shoes for boys and girls come in black, which passes the uniform dress code requirement. However, if you need a more in-depth description of the available features, our team at Everflex will gladly step in to help.

Allow us to help ease your worries and ensure your child remains accident-free the entire year.


What are their features?

When you check out the available Everflex non-slip school shoes for boys and girls, you'll see the features that make them work in their descriptions. Apart from having enough toe room for your child's toes, let's look at each and discover how they work to ensure the wearers remain accident-free.


1. Slip-resistant sole.

Slip-resistant soles work the hardest to keep your child accident-free. This rubber part in non-slip school shoes has grippy treads that keep your child steady when walking or running on slippery surfaces.

When you look at the soles, you'll notice patterns of circles, hexagons, and squiggles that work hard to keep liquids and fluids from getting under the footwear.

The grooves force the liquid to continue flowing away from the non-slip school shoes so your child can go about their typical day.

The slip-resistant soles work the hardest in the cafeteria, where daily food, water, and juice spills occur. Toilets and bathrooms are also hazardous, as broken pipes and sinks cause slippery floors. 

You can put your worries to rest with non-slip kid's school shoes on your child's feet in school.


2. Oil-resistant outsole. 

You're likely wondering what the difference is between slip-resistant and oil-resistant. We've mentioned how slip-resistant surfaces protect your child from having accidents on slippery surfaces. 

On the one hand, oil-resistant means that oil cannot damage the outsoles and penetrate the material of the non-slip school shoes.

Since these non-slip school shoes are for food service workers dealing with scalding hot oil in the kitchens, the oil-resistant outsoles ensure spilt oil cannot go through the footwear and burn the wearer's feet. 

While your child may not encounter scalding hot oil in school, they can benefit from this non-slip shoe feature if they work as part-timers in restaurants and cafes.

Burns is a serious matter, so having an oil-resistant outsole on their Everflex non-slip school shoes is good!


3. Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole.

Does your child enjoy playing indoor sports – basketball, volleyball, badminton – because if they do, you're likely familiar with a non-marking pair of footwear. 

Everflex non-slip school shoes use the same theory because non-marking outsoles create friction that stops your child from slipping, especially when in a hurry or doing some lateral movements.

One of the scariest places in school where your child can slip and hit their head is the staircase or the hallway. In their attempt to dodge people while hurrying to their next class, they move sideways or stop suddenly. 

Not wearing Everflex non-slip school shoes would likely result in a call to you, which is the worst thing that could happen. Broken bones are the least problematic of all your child's possible injuries.


4. Heel-impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.

The presence of heel-impact cushioning in your child's non-slip school shoes is a cause for joy because this essential feature absorbs the force of impact and supports your child's feet. When running, your child's foot usually hits the ground forcefully. 

The job of cushioning in non-slip school shoes is to make contact gradually to lessen the impact.

The contact with the ground usually creates a vibration in the body. And if there's nothing like non-slip school shoes to prevent the full impact, your child's feet can feel foot aches and discomfort.

With your child actively participating in school activities and playing, they need this footwear to relieve their body from the strain.


5. A flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort.

Non-slip school shoes with flexible and padded innersoles provide the best comfort your child needs to get through a tough day at school. People have varied reasons for needing innersoles in their footwear. Here are some:

  • Experiencing pain and finding ways to relieve it.
  • Need extra support for strenuous and high-impact activities.
  • Manage the painful foot conditions of people with flat arches.

With your child's daily stresses at school, they do not need the added burden of painful feet. Relieve them from the hassle by providing them with supportive shoes from Everflex.


What are their styles? (Leather or Non Leather Shoes?)

The Everflex leather or non-leather non-slip school shoes, perfect for boys and girls, have laces that provide an adjustable, snug fit. Your child can loosen or tighten the laces depending on their needs. 

The best thing about using laces is that they are independent of the non-slip school shoes, so you can do it separately if you need to clean or replace them. Be sure to get your laces from Everflex.


Ensure your child's safety with Everflex non-slip kid's school shoes!

Regarding styles, our brand beats any of the favourite fusion brands you can buy from a brands shop. Grosby Shoes, Nike, Skechers, Adidas, and the brand Clarks come to mind when you think of them. Your kid will be proud to wear an Everflex school shoe that kids wear to school and work!

If you're still dilly-dallying about Everflex non-slip school shoes, stop it! Every minute you waste is precious regarding your child's safety. We want to prevent accidental slips as soon as possible, so head to the nearest Everflex retailer and grab the best school shoes for your child!

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