The Difference Between Non-Slip And Regular Shoes

What’s the difference between a regular walking shoe and non-slip shoes? We’re so glad that you’ve asked!


Here at Everflex, we aim to do shopping as straightforward for our customers as we can, which is why our team is always ready to answer questions about our styles, whether they’re resistant shoes or not.


In addition, if you have a snoop through the rest of our handy articles, you’ll see that we’re always ready to lend a hand and help out where we can!


So, we’d love to tell you about what sets our slip resistant shoes apart from the rest of our collection and a bit about what makes the same! Does that sound good to you? Well, we’d better get started!


What Is A Slip Resistant Shoe Used For Most Commonly?


We figured that this was the best place to start! If you’re looking to buy womens slip resistant shoe, you’re probably shopping for safety steel toe styles and designs that you can wear in your workplace.


Many people work in jobs where designs like these are an essential part of their uniform. So, for example, our mens slip resistant shoes are ideal for people who work in fast-food restaurants, the hospitality sector, retail, and places like that.


These get pro comfort shoes are designed to provide you with hours of uninterrupted comfort while you’re on the job. As the name suggests, our waterproof womens non slip shoes are there to ensure that you’re always safe and steady on your feet.


People who work around food must have memory workshift footwear that can stop them from slipping when the floors get messy, especially when there’s a rush of customers and you don’t have a second to stop or slow down.


Similarly, if you spend most of your work shift standing, stacking boxes, moving stock, or doing anything physical, then you’re going to need fit mens and womens non slip shoes that offer superior support. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of aches and pains during your most extended shifts!


What Kind Of Comfort And Support Features Can You Expect From Womens Slip Resistant Shoes?


Arguably the most significant thing that separates our black mens non-slip shoes from regular comfortable leather is the number of features that go into them. A quick disclaimer before we start telling you about our work-ready comfort slip styles!


We want you to know that all of our footwear, whether they’re leather womens and mens slip resistant or not, come with the best features available.


Whether they’re school styles, trainers, or anything else from the Everflex range, the techniques you’ll see on our online store will always treat you to the best relaxed fit and feel!


However, our slip resistant work shoes take those regular features to a whole new level! Put on a pair of these water resistant work shoes styles, and your comfort is ensured thanks to the flexible and cushioned innersoles inside the team, the excellent arch fit the support, the padded ankles, and the shock-absorbing nature of the soles.


In terms of durability, our fila memory workshift-inspired shoes come with robust synthetic material and non-marking outsoles.


And you get to enjoy all of those features go just like max cushioning elite before you even get to the grip! In addition, our non-slip mens shoes and womens shoes come with grooved soles, which can keep you safe on the slickest surfaces in your workplace too. All you need is hand protection and eye protection for complete safety. Now, what else should you know?


Are The Materials Used In Regular And Non-slip Work Shoe Any Different?


For the most part, the materials we use for our footwear are the same in every Everflex category. You have the option to buy vegan-friendly styles made from synthetic material or designs that include leather, even patent leather! We carefully label each product’s material, so you can always be sure and shop confidently for your preferred material.


However, our leather slip resistant shoes are all synthetic designs. If you’re looking for styles with leather lining, black leather or uppers, then have a peruse of these rest of our range! Are there any other materials that you might need to know about with our non-slip shoes?


As we’ve said, most of the fabrics are the same for most of our styles, but there are additional materials used in our work range.


While our conventional collection has hard-to-mark soles, our safety toe shoes offer the ultimate durability because their outsoles get made with commercial-grade rubber for that genuine grip.


Rubber outsoles are even harder to scratch or wear down, and they’re ideal in settings where you’ll regularly come into contact with water, oil, food bits, and other messes. That’s just one more way that black womens and mens leather shoes provide the best safety for their wearer. How awesome is that?


Have You Noticed That Our Non-slip Shoes Look A Lot Like School Footwear?


Let us tell you more about what kind of designs you’ll see in our durable work mens slip resistant range. Here at Everflex, we have non-slip shoes in three main styles: trainers, school lookalikes, and slide-on styles.


Our sneakers and slide-on designs are the ideal non-slip shoes for relaxed workplaces since they have a slightly more informal feel. As for our school lookalikes, these are some of the best designs for students to wear when they get their first job.


As we’ve mentioned, non-slip shoes are elastic-sided and ideal in workplaces for fast-food restaurants, bars and cafes, cinemas, retail, nurse mates and general hospitality, where many teenagers start as casuals.


While they’re still studying, your children can wear these designs with their school uniform. After all, our formal mens lace shoes and womens closed shoes look almost identical to typical classroom designs, which means they’re sure to get the tick of approval from the teachers who enforce your child’s dress code.


Plus, they’ll get to enjoy the comfort and support during busy school work too!


You’ll Be Glad To Hear That There Isn’t A Dramatic Price Difference!


Now that we’re close to the end of this handy article, we want you to know that our fit slip resistant shoes are super affordable.


Take a look at our collection, and you won’t see much of a difference in prices across our categories. Everflex is here to offer the best quality men and womens shoes. In addition, our non-slip shoes are at prices that everyone can afford, so you can always count on getting value for money! 


Now, come and have a look at your options! Browse through the men and womens leather non-slip shoes and other styles available on our online store, and we’re sure you’ll find what you need in 2021. Don’t procrastinate! Have a look today!