The Boys' School Shoes You Can Rely On This Season!

An active son who loves to join all the classroom and playground activities would require a pair of reliable academic footwear that won't break easily despite all the roughhousing.

In addition, they would spend hours running, jumping, playing, standing, and walking, which would test how robust their footwear is.

They can't have academic footwear that gets ruined easily because it means their feet are vulnerable to accidents and blisters. Without the proper features, they can slide, slip, and trip.

And with winter adding natural elements—rain, snow, hail, dirt, slippery ground, and winter salt—that are destructive to the materials of the footwear, they need reliable ones.

With all these to consider, parents are frantic and searching for a brand that can meet their child's needs. Look no further, as Everflex has a collection of boys' school shoes you can rely on this season.

You can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your child is safe. Then, learn the various styles available so that you can take your pick! Read on as the Everflex team shares what you need to know about school footwear.


What features are necessary?

Reliable boys' school shoes tick a couple of boxes, especially if you want them to withstand the wear and tear of an active child and the natural elements of winter. Let's look at some of them.


  • Materials must be durable against rain, snow, and hail exposure. Are they made of leather or vegan-friendly material?

Leather is an excellent material for academic footwear for your son because it can withstand extreme temperatures if you provide it with the proper care, such as constant wiping, drying, conditioning, and polishing.

Your son would love how insulating leather can be, especially when they need to deal with cooler temperatures.

  • Active children would spend most of the day playing, running, and jumping. Your son's academic footwear must mimic the movement of their feet and have flexibility in certain areas.

Since the feet fold only until the location of the balls, their footwear should bend only until there, no further. Your son's academic shoes should not be too soft, as they might compromise your child's feet.

  • Robust soles are essential, especially if your child plays on various surfaces—soft soil, grass, a wet floor, and tiles. Check if the academic footwear of your son has grooved soles that can keep your child steady.

In addition, your son must try on the footwear when you go shopping so they can walk around the store and get a feel of how the footwear fits and its grip on the floor.

  • A firm heel counter assures the longevity of the footwear and the stability of your child's feet. Before purchasing the footwear, check if the heel counter is firm by pressing on both sides.

It won't support your son if it gives in, so you must look for another kind of academic footwear.

  • The removable innersole is a feature that keeps your child comfortable. It adds relief, especially when your child needs a customisable innersole for their feet. In addition, it adds cushioning that can help absorb impact during gameplay.


What styles are available?

Everflex provides what your child needs even before they realise what they need. It pays to have options for durable boys' school shoes that protect them. Let's look at the styles available.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots

Pull-on boots are leather boys' school shoes that provide coverage and warmth until the ankles. In addition, this rounded-toe style allows their toes to spread naturally, impacting the balance and stability they need on slippery surfaces.

Your child can wear these academic shoes by pulling them on within seconds. While the style lacks fastening, there are elastic side gussets that perform the same function. 

The gussets expand so that the shoes can accommodate any foot shape. In addition, it reverts to providing the wearer with a snug fit.

The leather provides insulation and breathability to keep the child's feet fresh and warm in the cooler months. In addition, the soles of this academic footwear offer excellent traction to keep your child steady and upright the whole day.


Style 2Double Straps

Double straps are leather boys' school shoes equipped with reliable features to keep your child comfortable and supported throughout his day. The footwear uses two touch-fastening straps for adjustability. Your son can determine the fit of the academic shoes, adjusting them when necessary.

Touch-fastening straps have two nylon strips, one with hooks and the other with loops. Securing the academic footwear of your son is a breeze by pressing the strips together. 

Active boys will love the supportive and sturdy soles that provide traction while busy in the classroom and playground.


Style 3Lace-Ups

Lace-ups are leather boys' school shoes for the more advanced students. The incredible thing about these academic shoes is they provide the most adjustability. Your son must know how to tie their laces independently to wear this.

How they put the laces through the eyelets and tie them will determine the fit. Laces are the only independent fastening, which is great because you can clean and replace them separately from the shoes.

You can always rely on this style to keep your child safe. 

Some notable features of this academic footwear include reinforced toes and heels, grooved soles for stability, a rounded-toe design, a padded collar, breathable and insulated leather, and a removable innersole for comfort.


Style 4—Sneakers

A fourth kind of boy's school shoe is essential for your child's sports activities and PE classes. Since your child performs more strenuous movements for these, they will need footwear that provides more support from the padded heels and grooved soles.


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