The Best Way to Recycle Old School Shoes!

What are the best ways to recycle kids’ school shoes? Are you looking to reduce your impact on the environment and do your part to reduce waste? Would you like to help children in need get their hands on kids’ school shoes? Everflex is here to inspire you this season, and to inform you about ways you can get the most out of every pair. 

Donate your kids’ school shoes to a charity group

Plenty of charities accept used footwear along with second-hand clothing. Do you donate old items to your local Salvation Army store already? Well, feel free to add outgrown kids’ school shoes into the pile. As long as your child’s old pair aren’t too roughed up, they should be ready for resale in no time! This is one easy way to dispose of footwear that you and your children don’t need, while also helping others in the process. 

Don’t donate kids’ school shoes that are falling apart

If you’re going to donate footwear, then ensure that they are in decent condition. Donations into your local charity bin should be slightly worn, not actively falling to bits. After all, you want to give away kids’ school shoes that another child would be able to wear. Ask yourself if you would be happy to see your child in the pair before you add them to your donation pile. If you toss kids’ school shoes in that aren’t up to scratch, then you’re only creating more work for volunteers (who will have to throw them out anyway). 

Use your child’s beaten-up sneakers and trainers outside of the classroom! 

Has your little one completely trashed their kids’ school shoes? Sneakers take a lot of abuse during the year, especially when your child plays sports or has other activities on the weekends, as well as afternoon practices and PE classes throughout the week. Even if your kids’ school shoes are too scuffed and marked to wear with a uniform, they still have their uses. Save these old sneakers for camping, hiking, and fishing trips. Your little ones won’t get blisters from their old kids’ school shoes because they’re already worn in, and you won’t need to worry about them destroying a new pair either! Recycle tired-looking trainers for adventures on the weekends and during the holidays, and get your fair share of wear out of each pair! 

Did you order the wrong size for kids’ school shoes?

Refunds and exchanges are easy to get at Everflex. Still, they aren’t the only solution if you order kids’ school shoes that don’t fit one of your children. Our size guide is reliable and easy to use, but if you accidentally purchase a small size for your oldest child (or the one with the largest feet), then you can tuck that pair away in the wardrobe. Once their younger sibling has grown up a little, you should be able to pull those kids’ school shoes out and save yourself from shopping that time. Gender is irrelevant when it comes to our classic styles. Except for our Mary-Jane sandals, most of our kids’ school shoes are unisex designs. As such, you could easily pass an older student’s pair onto their sibling and quickly order a bigger size for them. 

Research other charities and recycling groups that accept kids’ school shoes

Human impact on the natural world is a hot topic across the globe. If you want to recycle your kids’ school shoes in the best possible way, then do your research! See if there are any groups you can contact in your area, or consider connecting to an international charity or organisation. 

Don’t throw away your kids’ school shoes!

Do your part to protect the planet (and your child’s future) by recycling your next Everflex style.