Stop School Shoe Scuffing With These Tips!

Stop your kids from scuffing boys’ school shoes! Polish can only do so much to fix this problem, so we recommend putting a stop to bad behaviour and habits instead. Everflex has three top tips to help you keep your boys’ school shoes in good condition this year! 


  • Get your kids to watch the way they sit


When boys’ school shoes get scuffed over time, it typically means that it is taking place in the classroom. Sizeable marks and scratches only crop up suddenly when students accidentally fall or slip. Most kids grate their boys’ school shoes along the carpet or into furniture while they sit at their desks, and they may not even realise that they’re doing it. So, if you notice that your children tend to wear down the material on their toes, then remind them to be mindful about how they’re sitting during class. 


  • Stop buying oversized boys’ school shoes!


If your children have footwear that is the correct size, then there should be no risk of them accidentally tripping and scuffing their new pair. We know that it’s tempting to buy boys’ school shoes that are a size or two larger than what your child needs. After all, when students hit a growth spurt and start going through uniforms at a rapid pace, you don’t also want to have to replace their footwear. Getting an oversized set of boys’ school shoes can seem like a smart solution to this dilemma. In theory, kids should have plenty of time to grow into their latest pair during the year instead of needing an updated pair every few months (or weeks). 

However, you can’t have kids walking in massive styles. Firstly, because your kids will look like clowns in their enormous boys’ school shoes. Secondly, if there is too much free space that’s left empty, then problems will arise. Despite having excellent flexible material, your boys’ school shoes could start to crease if they bend too much. When your children’s feet have too much room to move around in, you also run the risk of letting them get blisters from the constant slipping and sliding. Finally, busy students in ill-fitting boys’ school shoes frequently trip, which can lead to scuffed material and skinned knees. In short, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture, so make sure that your kids have the size they need from the get-go. 


  • Add innersoles or inserts into your boys’ school shoes


Fixing the fit of oversized style is easy at Everflex! We offer easy refunds and exchanges for boys’ school shoes, so swapping out a poorly-fitting pair will be no trouble. However, we also have a solution for parents who want to buy sets that their children can grow into during the year. Our innersoles and other inserts have two functions: acting as an extra layer of support and filling up space in boys’ school shoes. 

These fabric and gel accessories are one-size-fits-all, and you can cut them down to fit into any pair of boys’ school shoes. Innersoles act as a cushion and help absorb shock, so you won’t have to worry about kids complaining of sore feet after long days of lessons and activities. Plus, if you want to make scuffed boys’ school shoes a thing of the past, then you’ll be happy to hear that they help with that too! Since inserts will be filling up extra space, you won’t have to worry about your children stumbling over their feet so much. It’s a win-win for your boys’ school shoes! Check out our online store.