School Shoes Your Kids Will Love!

Why is it essential to choose school shoes your kids will love? Your child spends around 30 hours per week in their learning facility, which means they need to feel comfortable and supported as they go through the motions. 

In addition, classes can be stressful, and they do not need the added burden of painful school shoes.

As parents and guardians, you must provide them with a seamless learning experience, including footwear. There are several features and characteristics you must look for in a pair of school shoes. It can be daunting, but it's doable, especially with the help of the Everflex team!

Everflex school shoes tick all the boxes and characteristics we will enumerate shortly. Read on to learn more about them!


1. Comfort is a Must

Look for school shoes with the appropriate cushioning for your child's foot type to support them. Moreover, here's a checklist to keep them comfortable. 


  • Toe Box

Search for footwear with a wide toe box to avoid experiencing squeezed toes, which can cause many injuries and discomfort.


  • Midsole

Get the proper midsole or shoe "floor" to prevent pain and strain on your child's soles.


2. Get the Correct Measurements 

Your child's accurate footwear size will determine the correct fit of their school shoes. An easy way to check for length is to remove the innersoles from the footwear, then have your child stand and place their foot on the innersole. 

Toes should have enough space between them so they can spread out. There should be around 1cm or a thumb's width between your child's longest toe and the edge of the school shoes. 

We cannot risk ill-fitting footwear, so examining both feet is essential because most kids and adults will have one foot that is longer or wider than the other.

Since most children and adults will have one foot that is longer or broader than the other, it is crucial to check both feet since we cannot risk wearing footwear that does not fit properly.


3. Additional Tips for a Perfect Fit 

If you want to provide your child with school shoes they will love, look for these additional features:

  • The heel cup needs to be strong, stabilising, and not tilting in any direction. You can check by touching the heel's sides, and if they sink upon pressing, you'll know there won't be enough support from the school shoes.
  • The more significant part of the foot should fit the widest part of the shoe.
  • The sole of the school shoes must be flexible, but only at the foot's ball. Beyond that is a no-no!
  • Fastenings such as buckles, laces, and touch-fastening straps are necessary to keep the school shoes in place. They also provide adjustability to the footwear, allowing the kids to tighten or loosen as they need.
  • The school shoes should have a strong, robust back and a snug, yet comfortable, heel.
  • Your child's footwear must have breathable material in the upper and the lining to keep their feet fresh all day, especially during summer.
  • Ensure that their footwear has a natural resistance to water.


4. Observe Your Child's Reaction to Gauge the Fit 

We advise parents and guardians to be watchful because kids occasionally show signs that they no longer like their school shoes. Here are some that the Everflex team gathered:

  • If your child walks awkwardly, it may be because their school shoes are too small.
  • If you can remove your child's footwear without trying, they are too big.
  • They are uncomfortable with their footwear if they don't want to wear their school shoes.
  • The footwear's collapsing heel cup may indicate sizing issues.
  • Your child's school shoes may be too small if their feet have blisters or rubbings.


5. Everflex Styles (Not Top Brands) Your Kids Will Love

Here's a rundown of Everflex's brand of school shoes your kids will love. These will provide comfort, support, and durability to last through the academic year. Our styles follow dress code requirements and are affordable too. Compare our brand with top brands you used to collect, like Clarks, Harrison, etc.


Style 1—T-Bar

The T-Bar is a popular style of school shoes for girls with higher insteps. Girls love this footwear because of the design, with two thin straps creating a single T, and the comfort it provides, thanks to the wide toe box! 

A buckle provides adjustability and keeps the school shoes in place by holding one end with an attachment and the other with a catch in a protected yet movable manner.


Style 2—Mary Janes

Mary Janes are a classic pair of school shoes for girls, secured by touch-fastening straps with two nylon strips that lock together when pressed. These straps provide adjustability and keep the footwear in place. More importantly, the open-top design of the school shoes provides breathability that allows air to come in and sweat to escape. 


Style 3—Pull-On Boots

The pull-on boots are the go-to school shoes for boys, with elastic side gussets for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. Your kids will love these school shoes, especially in the winter, because boots provide warmth for their feet and traction to keep them stable on wet surfaces. In addition, boots offer coverage of the entire foot until the ankles, preventing foreign objects from being lodged inside. 


Style 4—Lace-Up

Your kids will love the lace-up school shoes if they can tie them independently. In addition, these fasteners are the only ones you can replace and clean without affecting the footwear.

The laces provide adjustability and security, making your child's learning experience comfortable. However, be mindful of the laces' length so that your child won't trip on their footwear.


Style 5—Double Straps

These school shoes are ideal for boys and girls still figuring out how to tie laces. Like the Mary Janes, this footwear uses touch-fastening straps to lock the footwear in place. Although closing the school shoes is easy and can be done singlehandedly, opening them requires force and produces a loud ripping sound.


Your Shopping Cart Must Have black school Shoes Your Child Will Love! 

Your child needs constant comfort and support as they go through classes daily. So buy them a durable pair from Everflex. We guarantee they will remain protected and secured, even as they run around in the rain. We've got you covered, even when it comes to the price!

Head to Everflex's online shop or website, where you can avoid having to contend with opening hours or fight traffic! You can sort our huge range by category and filter by price to order budget-friendly items.

Shop the nearest store to pick up a pair! Add a pair of socks before checking out to complete their uniform. Our helpful staff is always ready if you need help.