School Shoes You'll Love… Even As an Adult!

Who says the different styles of school shoes are only for kids? Most of the Everflex styles are stylish and trendy enough for adults to love; the styles are typical of adult footwear. At Everflex, we have a huge range of school shoes for boys, girls, and even toddlers to suit every uniform.


Whether you're after primary school shoes or high school shoes, leather school shoes, or sports school shoes, we have you covered when it comes to black school shoes. Their school shoes must be durable, sturdy, supportive, and made from quality materials. So is your shopping cart empty?


 Head to the Everflex store nearest you, opening hours daily tonight. First, find our top brands of shoes; whether they're heading back to school or getting ready for their first day, make sure they're comfy and protected with a huge range of school shoes for girls and boys. Then, if you want, shop online through our website, sign in to your account, click clear filters and categories so that you can check the brand, and then place your order number to check the status of your items.


Collect yours now! The price is very affordable. The question is, "Did school shoes base their designs on adult footwear or vice-versa?" No matter the answer, the point is that school shoes can pique an adult's interest because they are stylish, comfortable, affordable, and check all boxes.


All of which are like the available school shoes at Everflex. They are so good that parents can buy a bigger size of the same style as their children and go twinning. Are you interested in learning more?


Read on as the team at Everflex breaks down all the school shoes available.




Our footwear comes with everything your child needs to get through the academic year. Everflex school shoes have qualities including comfort, toughness, style, affordability, and more. In addition, breathability is a crucial characteristic of school shoes. There must be a way for air to enter and moisture to escape while playing on a warm summer day.


Style 1 - Lace-Up


School shoes must remain in place to prevent accidents as your child plays with their friends, aside from sweat. This style is perfect for older girls and boys who can tie their laces independently. What are laces?

Laces are long, thin strings to tie footwear.


It passes through the eyelets on school shoes, applies uniform tension to the entire foot by reducing pressure points, and enhances blood flow below the ankle. In addition, it is a fastening independent of the footwear, meaning you can replace and wash them separately from the footwear. Laces are the more popular option for fastening because they do not wear out as fast and are easily replaceable.


Want to match with your child? Get this pair now! You can also match your laces by getting pairs on the shoe care page of Everflex. Also, please ensure that the laces on their school shoes are of proper length because longer ones can cause accidents and trip over their footwear.


Style 2 - Double Straps


These school shoes are for girls and boys still learning to tie their laces. The double touch-fastening straps lock the footwear in place to prevent accidental removal of the footwear. As a result, your child can continue engaging in various activities without fear of tripping and getting into accidents.


What are touch-fastening straps? Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps. Squeezing them together locks the straps together to seal the footwear.


Hey, they are easy to fasten, which your child can do with one hand. However, your child must exert force when pulling the two strips apart. The act of prying them open will generate a characteristic ripping sound.


Some drawbacks to this fastening include:


  • Dirt, lint, and other stray particles easily stick to the straps reducing their effectiveness.
  • The strips damage the materials that accidentally stick to them.
  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fastening straps apart.
  • When destroyed and ineffective, the parents must buy new school shoes.


Parents can buy a pair for walking or doing errands. The easy-to-wear style is perfect for lazy wear-and-go activities.


Style 3 - Mary Janes


This style is a classic pair of school shoes for girls that their parents may have worn at some point. It looks like baby doll shoes and will never go out of style. These school shoes are a standard part of most students' uniforms.


The leather upper makes them durable and long-lasting. Your child can tighten or loosen the touch-fastening straps, adjusting them to what is most comfortable. Because the toe is open, air can get in, and moisture can get out, making these school shoes very breathable.


Parents should get a pair for themselves, as this is a twinning moment for parents and children, a throwback of some sort.


Style 4 - T-Bar


These school shoes are increasingly popular among girls with high insteps. This shoe has two thin straps that come together in a T shape and are held together with a buckle. It has a wide toe box that provides enough toe-wiggle space for girls. A buckle fastens the school shoes securely in place.


What are buckles? A buckle is a device that keeps two loose ends together. It does this by holding one end in place with an attachment and the other end in place with a catch. Typically, school shoes have a strap with holes in it that a buckle latches onto to close.


The child can adjust how loose or tight they want their footwear to be by choosing which hole to fasten the buckle. This fastening is for slightly older students who have outgrown touch-fastening straps but need more time to be ready for laces. The T-Bar school shoes will also work for adults looking for comfort.


Style 5 - Pull-On Boots


These school shoes for boys are popular because they go well with uniforms. Pull-on boots have elastic side gussets for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. In addition, the two tabs on top help make taking off and putting on the shoes less complicated for the kids.


This style is ideal for boys in their early years of education who are still figuring out how to tie laces. The benefit of wearing boots is that they cover the ankles, shielding the wearer's entire foot from foreign objects that might get lodged in their footwear. Their thick soles also provide stability and traction appropriate for harsh New Zealand conditions.


Consider buying: While these school shoes are the easiest to wear, one drawback is their lack of fastening. Without anything to secure the footwear, your son may unintentionally remove the footwear and hurt himself.


Buy school shoes for both of you!


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up! And add these black school shoes to your shopping cart. Shopping for school shoes is a fun way for parents and kids to spend time together. Why not try twinning and buying the same shoes?


Both of you will love these styles as they are trendy and comfortable. In addition, buying more than one pair won't break the bank because Everflex school shoes are affordable. Head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you.


Shop now and enjoy shopping with us!