School Shoes vs. Running Shoes!

School shoes vs. running shoes! What’s the difference between these styles? Which kind will you find at Everflex? We’re well known for our collection of classic school shoes, but they aren’t the only styles that we have on our shelves.

Along with our traditional classroom designs, Everflex has a collection of activewear. Our sneakers, trainers, and other sporty school shoes are the ones students will wear to PE classes, morning and afternoon activities, and games on the weekends. And, just like classroom styles, that one pair is going to be their go-to set until kids outgrow them, so you need to be careful about which ones you get.

Today, we’ll be giving you a quick rundown of everything we think you need to know about sporty school shoes so that you can pick the perfect ones for your child! 


Are our trendy trainers suitable for sports?

If you have a look at our collection this year, you’ll spot our casual trainers. These are school shoes for students with relaxed dress codes, but they are not your typical active pair. Have a look at the soles, and you will see that while they have a decent grip, they are flatter and more flexible than our sporty sneakers. These school shoes were built to bring long-lasting comfort during busy days, but they still have a casual design. 

As such, they are suitable for regular play during recess and lunch, but not for PE classes or proper sports games. If you want to ensure that your child’s school shoes are appropriate for high-intensity activities, then look out for styles with more substantial grip on the soles. 


What fastenings do we have on our sporty school shoes?

First off, you can find sneakers with laces or with touch-fastening straps. Laces are best for older students, who will find it useful to be able to change the fit of their school shoes. On the other hand, younger children benefit most from touch-fastening tabs, which are easiest for them to do-up independently, and help keep their pair secure. Since we offer both options for our school shoes, you can always find something age-appropriate for your child. 


Do our trainers and sneakers come with special features?

Shop for sporty school shoes at Everflex, and you’ll always reap the benefits! Our designs come with built-in support, cushioned ankle cuffs, spongy soles, grooved grip on the base, and other handy additions.

After all, these school shoes need to withstand tough treatment and roughhousing during fast-paced games. You can trust Everflex’s excellent trainers to take whatever your kids can throw at them, whether they play team sports or stay fit solo.


What kind of colours are our sneakers and trainers?

While colourful school shoes are still accepted in some spots, many administrations have chosen to remove them as an option to wear with sports uniforms. As such, if you are shopping for a student and their regular dress code is strict, then there’s a high chance that they won’t be allowed vibrant styles.

If that’s your reality, then you’ll be glad to hear that our school shoes come in block colours of black and white. White sneakers and black trainers are an easy match with any sports uniform, so there is no reason for teachers to give your kids grief about these shoes! And, at the end of the day, these school shoes are just as comfy and supportive as any other pair, regardless of their colour! 


Get your children something great this year!

We have school shoes in every size your kids could need! So, why wait? Browse through our selection of sneakers, trainers, and other school shoes until you find the perfect pair for your little student!