School Shoes That Will Comply With the School Uniform Policy

Harsh uniform policies don’t have to be the bane of your existence. Everflex will explain the ins-and-outs of dress codes and how they apply to kids’ school shoes for you today. We know that getting your head around the reasons why they exist and figuring out how to follow them can be tricky for parents. Getting kids’ school shoes should be a straightforward and fast process; let us assist you in the endeavour today! Once we’ve finished outlining the rules and expectations around uniform policies, and how our styles will make sure your children comply, you won’t be confused any longer! 

What is the point of policies about kids’ school shoes, anyway?


Why do children need to wear uniforms, and why are administrations so particular about which type of kids’ school shoes they are allowed to wear? Well, uniforms are supposed to prepare students for jobs and workplaces in later life. Most fast food and retailer employees, who tend to be teenagers with their first-ever jobs, are expected to wear uniforms. Sloppy self-presentation can quickly get someone fired, so giving children practice with kids’ school shoes and uniforms is essential. It’s a useful skill to have in later life too, as you’ll find dress codes in offices, on worksites, and in all sorts of other areas. 

Why else should your children care about following the dress code?


Most children won’t like to hear that they have to keep kids’ school shoes clean because it’s teaching them a valuable life skill. Nonetheless, it’s good to try and remind them as they get older and can start to understand. In the meantime, you can remind them that if they don’t keep their uniform and kids’ school shoes looking good, then they’ll get in trouble with their teachers. Teachers who are strict on enforcing uniform policies won’t hesitate to give students a lecture, a warning note for their parents, or detention during recess or lunch. The last thing your child wants to do is get shut up inside while their friends play, all because of dirty kids’ school shoes. Once you’ve made that clear, they should be more willing to follow the rules. 

Our traditional designs will always have a spot in the classroom!


Luckily for you, Everflex’s collection of traditional kids’ school shoes always gets an A+ for appropriateness. It’s impossible to go wrong with these black, shiny, round-toed designs. As well as being an instant match with uniforms, these classic kids’ school shoes offer long-lasting comfort and support. 


Our Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes are another alternative, but you’ll need to double-check the rulebook about these! We know your daughter will love their extra glossy finish and laser-cut patterns, so make sure you see if they’re allowed!

Everflex’s sneakers, trainers, and active kids’ school shoes follow strict rules too! 


Any student with weekly PE classes or extracurricular sports will need sneakers as part of their uniform. Sporty kids’ school shoes need proper tread and built-in support, which ours all deliver. However, Everflex’s range has taken an extra step to follow dress codes by leaving the colour choices as white or black. Strict dress codes with rules about sneakers and active kids’ school shoes usually end up banning bright colours and patterns. Our pure white and black sneakers will pass that test with ease, and they’re still as comfy and supportive as any other design! 

How are you feeling about kids’ school shoes now?


Dress codes and uniform regulations can be bothersome, but not when you’ve got kids’ school shoes from Everflex! Our classroom designs and activewear will help students maintain a high standard of personal presentation. Why wait? Have a look at your options online today and add kids’ school shoes to your shopping cart!